The Ultimate Halloween Movie Quiz

Think you’re a Hallo-Queen when it comes to bossing classic spooky movies? Put yourself to the test with our ultimate Halloween movie quiz with a few pop culture questions thrown in for good measure. From some family faves like Hocus Pocus to the hide behind your pillow ones like Friday the 13th, we’ve covered all bases with our Halloween movie quiz. We’ve got a mixture of easy, semi-difficult and who the f**k would know the answer to that type of Halloween movie quiz questions so make sure you bring your A-game!

Halloween Movie Quiz Questions

1. What are the names of the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus?

2. Which of these has Heidi Klum not dressed as for Halloween; Jessica Rabbit, Lola Bunny or Betty Boop?

3. What is the address of The Addams Family?

4. What Halloween movie did Kylie Jenner recently do a collab with?

5. How many times do you need to say Beetlejuice for him to appear?

6. What was the librarian's name in Ghostbusters?

7. Who played Gale Weathers in Scream?

8. What colour is the car that Adam and Barbara have in Beetlejuice?

9. What weapon does Jason use in Friday the 13th?

10. What is Wednesday Addams’ dolls name in The Addams Family?

Halloween Movie Quiz Answers

1. Winifred, Mary and Sarah.

2. Lola Bunny (not yet anyway).

3. 001 Cemetary Lane

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street

5. Three times

6. Alice

7. Courteney Cox (yes, Monica!)

8. Yellow

9. A machete

10. Marie Antoinette

So, how did you do? Let us know your Halloween movie quiz score on our socials and see if you dare to be beaten!

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