Things That ALWAYS Happen At Graduation

Is it just me or is it just me or is it one degree hotter in here? Well, you've done it, girl! You can officially wave goodbye to library all nighters, attending lectures with a raging hangover and waking up to a stolen traffic cone in your room after a night out. You've reached the bittersweet end of student life and now it's time to go out with a bang with one final hurrah. Here's what to expect at your grad!

Outfit Nightmare

Finding the perfect graduation outfit is HARD. You'll find yourself constantly going back and forth trying to find the perfect 'fit and shoes for it. I mean, you don't wanna be looking back on your grad pics cringing because of how you looked, do you? After all, it will be covered up with a really unflattering black gown, but that doesn't make the sheer panic fade.

Emotions Run High

All we can say is, have your waterproof mascara packed on and tissues in hand. You'll cry. Your parents will cry. Your friends will cry.

Lights, Camera, Action

Say cheese! These photos are gonna be your families pride and joy and will no doubt be hung up all around the house on every mantle piece possible. Make sure you've not got any lipstick on your teeth and strike your best pose!

Bye, Felicia!

Uni is a place where you will have made life long friends. A solid group of people that will have seen you at your lowest and at your highest, your besties! On the other hand, you will definitely have a lot of people that you were 'friends' with but you probably won't ever see them again. Wish them all the best and move on!

Party Time!

You've done! You're finally freeeee! You've not done 3 years of stress for no reason. Go party it up with your closest friends and family!

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