Things To Do On New Year's Eve 2020

With New Year’s Eve 2020 quickly creeping up on us, it’s officially time to start thinking about what to do on New Year’s Eve. Whilst you can eliminate any big events and save on the arguments between your squad about where you want to perform the annual New Year’s eve countdown, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on New Years 2020 just yet! Decide what to do on New year’s eve when you check out our ultimate guide covering a range of things to do on New Year’s Eve. With everything from your usual New Year’s Eve party - enjoyed via Zoom of course - and New Year’s Eve films to watch with the fam, we’ve got all the inspo to help you enter the new year feelin’ like a jolly good, erm, femme? Stock up on virtual New Year’s eve party ideas, and prepare for that countdown in style with our round up of things to do on New Year’s Eve. Bring on 2021!

New Year’s Eve Film

This year’s been all about reconnecting with family and friends in ways we never have before. So if you’re keepin’ it chilled with the fam this year (not like you have a choice) then why not throw on a New Year’s Eve film? Rustle up a buffet of your favourite finger foods and put together a boss cheese board, complete with a complimentary glass of fizz - it is New Year’s Eve after all - and settle down for a New Year's Eve movie. 

Euromillions New Year’s Eve

Feeling lucky? Sure, 2020 has let us down, but as the old saying goes: New Year, New Us! I mean, you’ve gotta be in it to win it, babe, and the Euromillions New Year’s Eve is always a big one. If you’re stuck on things to do on New Year’s eve then, costing just £2.50, you could be set for life - if you win the New Year’s Eve euromillions that is. Grab a few tickets for the fam and cross all your fingers and toes - that works, right?

Fireworks New Year’s Eve

Okay, so you’re not gonna be finding any tickets to the biggest firework display around here, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your annual New Year’s Eve fireworks! Put on your own show and invite your neighbours to watch. We know things will be a lil different this year and you won’t be nudging your eldest Aunt awake to watch the London firework display on TV, but nothing quite beats the real thing. To really make this feel like an event, create your own tickets and share with the neighbours who you’ve likely not seen since the 8pm clap for the NHS. It may be emotional, but it’s been a tough year, ride with it.

New Year’s Eve Party

VIRTUAL - OBVIOUSLY. If you really don’t know what to do on New Year’s eve and wanna still host your own NYE party, before you go bending those lockdown rules, we’re providing you with some New Year’s Eve party ideas that are lockdown-friendly and don’t involve cleaning up the mess the next day! Whether you’re wanting to keep it pretty lowkey with a family New Year’s Eve party (with those in your bubble), or you’re bringing Zoom back once more for a mass gathering of your usual nye gang, end the New Year with a glass of your fave tipple and throw (probably) the chilled out New Year’s Eve party ever. You can make it up next year!

New Year’s Eve Break

If you’re simply fed up of being in the damn house - aren’t we all - then a New Year’s Eve break is the must more inviting option (not that there’s many inviting options RN). If you’re looking for things to do on New Year’s eve that don’t involve sitting at home twiddling your thumbs, why not take a trip out of town? Look up some of the top New Year’s Eve breaks UK and kick-start 2021 in a different manner to how you started this, well, erm very awful year. Research hotels for New Year’s Eve to try and bag a few offers that, if they don’t manage to bless your bank account, will definitely bless you sanity and pack your own bottles of Tesco’s £8 fizz.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Fuel yourself on feed-good food and recreate Xmas day kinda vibes when you put on a stunning spread. Go all out with a New Year’s Eve dinner that’ll no doubt leave you feeling satisfied and stuffed or stick to those party foods that you can keep nibbling on all night long. Stock up your freezer with Iceland’s mini sausage rolls (our fave) and try their signature cheesecake that’s Peter Andre approved… or at least it was back in 2014.

New Year’s Eve Games

Complete that ‘things to do on New Year’s eve’ list by throwing in a few New Year’s eve games that’ll no doubt start you off with giggles. Whether it’s a new board game you’ve bagged in the boxing day sales, or something that’s VR friendly and will look hilarious on your Insta story, New Year’s eve games will no doubt contribute towards the ultimate New Years 2020. Add some of your go-to alcoholic bevs and forget all about the New Year’s party that could have been.

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