Things To Do Whilst On Lock Down


Starting to go a lil’ nuts by yourself in isolation? Take a look at some of our suggestions for entertaining yourself.

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options whilst sat chillin’ at home? We hear you girl! Remember we are saving lives by staying home, so check out some fun things you could give a go.

Sort Out Those Drawers

We all are guilty of having those junk drawers where we just chuck all our bits and bobs in, but when you actually need to find something, solving a rubix cube would be easier. Today’s the day, motivate yourself and sort it out! Pull out everything, chuck away the rubbish and get your stuff organised. You’ll feel like you've accomplished a lot. Be savage, get rid of those jumpers you've not worn for 3 years as you're not likely to ever wear them again. Let's face it, if you make some space you’ll be able to cop some new garms.

Get Cha Hinch On

If you don’t already, follow @MrsHinchHome. She will inspire you to pull out those marigold gloves and get scrubbin’. It’s gross but the back of the cupboards that has collected a bit of grimness needs a good clean, get it done girl! A spring clean will uplift your mood and keep you busy.

Clean Them Makeup Brushes

We know no one actually likes cleaning their makeup brushes, but whilst we are giving our skin a break from makeup, use this time to give them brushes a real good clean. It's one of those tasks you never really get round to doing, so grab the brush cleanser and get washing. Top tip: do not submerge your whole brush in the water, use your hand or brush cleaner to swivel your brushes on, whilst adding water and cleanser.

Switch Up The Feng Shui In Your Room

Move things around in your house to alter the vibes in your room. Maybe you fancy moving your bed to the other wall and changing where you put your wardrobe? Little touches can make a massive difference. Try adding a cute, little potted plant to your room.

Cookin' Up A Storm

Okay, so if you’re anything like us, you will be taking trips to the fridge out of boredom - so now is the perfect time to try out some new recipes. See what's in the cupboards, whack out some cookbooks or find some tasty things to cook online. From a pasta bake to baking a cake, your options are limitless. You may even find it therapeutic and you also get to munch on some delicious isolation feasts. Be inventive.

Catch Up On ‘Ships

No, we’re not saying drop your ex a text! Typically we get caught up with life, so we lose touch with friends and family. Use this time to catch up with them. Keep them updated with your life over the phone. A phone call can mean a lot to someone feeling lonely.

Play Games With Pals

If you can’t play board games with someone as you're in isolation alone, do not fear! There are loads of online games and apps available to pass the time. Believe us you will have a right giggle. You could even facetime multiple people, so why not chuck on some lippy, grab a bevvy and schedule a quarantine brunch over the phone. We’re in this together guys, we may as well make the most of it.

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