To Dye For Summer ‘Drobe Essentials

Stay at home summer on the cards? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, babe. Slay all summer long in the hottest new trends and shop our tie dye collection. Channel those hippie vibes and get ready for a summer of style in our stunnin’ collection of tie dye ‘drobe must haves. Whether you are after a cute lil’ tie dye t-shirt dress, wanna get that edgy look in some tie dye shorts, or wanna stay cosy in a pair of tie dye joggers, we have the perfect ‘fit waitin’ for you. Keep your stay at home style on check in our to dye for tie dye summer collection.

Tie Dye Crop Top


Multicolour Tie Dye Twist Front Crop Top - Marissa //


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Stay at home summer? More like slay at home summer, babe. Festi’ season may be cancelled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw your own virtual festi' in your garden, right? Get the mojitos flowin’ and the music pumpin’, and look hot AF in our Multicolour Tie Dye Twist Front Crop Top, the perfect addition to any ‘fit. Give off those summer lovin’ vibes and step into the 70’s with this hippie chic style tie dye crop top. Take your stay at home tie dye look to the next level, and team with a pair of denim high waisted shorts and a flower headband.Coachella, who?

Tie Dye Shorts


Black Tie Dye Shorts - Stella //


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Slip into summer in style, and rock your stay at home look in a pair of tie dye shorts, girl. Our Purple Tie Dye Shorts can take any look from 0 to 100, and looks cute AF teamed with a white or purple crop top. Whether you are chillin’ in the garden, or have a video call date with your boo, keep it cool and casj’ in our tie dye shorts. Step your stay at home look up a notch, and team with white chunky trainers, and you will look like a straight 10/10. We are lovin’ the tie dye trend RN, so get your basket ready, babe!

Mesh Tie Dye Bodysuit


Blue Mesh Tie Dye Long Sleeve Bodysuit - Ensley //


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Make a mesh of it and look hot as hell in our Blue Mesh Tie Dye Long Sleeve Bodysuit, a summer ‘drobe essential. This gorj tie dye bodysuit will have you lookin’ and feelin’ bomb AF, girl. With a cute bralette underneath, and a pair of high waisted denim shorts, you will be slayin’ the tie dye trend all summer long. Keep your selfie game in check, and get ready for a stylish summer.

Oversized Tie Dye T-shirt


Blue Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt - Veda //


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We are obsessed with the tie dye trend ATM, which is why the tie dye t-shirt is our number one ‘fit choice when it comes to pickin’ the right garden garms. Slay on insta’ and score some major likes in this tie dye t-shirt of dreams. Our Blue Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt is perfect to wear as a t-shirt dress, or with some cycling shorts for those Kimmy K vibes. Rock that vintage look all summer long, babe.

Like what you see? Check out our tie dye collection, and keep your ‘drobe topped up with all the latest trends.

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