Veganuary 2021

Whether you’re already a plant based queen or simply wanna be more ethical in 2021 when it comes to what food you eat, Veganuary is a fab way to kickstart ditchin’ dairy and animal products. With veggie and vegan alternatives for all our fave’ foods, veganism has never been easier, babe. Pop into your local Sainos, Tesco or Aldi and you’ll be greeted by a banging’ vegan section. 2020 saw a rise in the number of people wanting to live a more conscious lifestyle, and not just when it comes to food, but their clothes, makeup and decreasing their carbon footprint, and 2021 is shaping up to be the same!

If you wanna love a more sustainable and eco-friendly life but don’t know where to start, here are some of our fave’ alternatives and products for Veganuary 2021! 

Vegan Cheese 

What puts you off taking the v-pledge? For most peeps it’s the idea of having to give up your fave food, and let’s be real, cheese is deffo’ a hard one to say goodbye to. Luckily the Vegan gods have whipped up some amazing alternatives, meaning you can still enjoy that late night cheese toastie, just minus the dairy. Our top picks for vegan cheese this veganuary are Violife Original Graded Cheese Alternative which can be found at Asda, Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese Alternative Block which can be found at COOP, and Violife Vegan Greek White Block that you can purchase from Tesco. Thank brie later!

Vegan Chocolate 

With most of us WFH, the only thing getting us through the long and dark days is a lunchtime chocolate pick-me-up. Being more conscious with what we eat has never tasted more delicious than it has now, babe. With most stores stocking a wide range of vegan and free from chocolate products, your snack game just activated a whole new level of vegan goodness. Add Asda’s Free From Choco, Oatly’s Chocolate Milk, and Ben and Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream selection to your weekly food shop, and you can make sure your sweet tooth is truly satisfied, vegan style!

Vegan Mayo 

After you taste this dairy free condiment you’ll be 50% human, 50% vegan mayo. From your standard flavoured mayo, to perinaise and sriracha mayo, these swaps are the perfect accompaniment to vegan chicken nugs. Big companies understand that veganism is no longer a niche way of life and have certainly delivered when it comes to launching vegan alternative of their most loved products. From Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo, and Nandos’ Vegan Perinaise, your chip dippin’ just got a whole lot more exciting. When it comes to vegan sriracha mayo, Flying Goose is an elite choice. Perfect for adding to your avo' and toast in the morning, you’ll be hooked on this delicious vegan sauce.

Milk Alternatives 

From almond milk, soya milk, oat milk, coconut milk and cashew milk (the list goes on), when it comes to switchin’ up your Starbucks coffee order to something a lil’ more ethical, you’ve got plenty of choice, boo. Some of our fave’ brands for milk alternatives this Veganuary are Oatly, Minor Figures and Alpro. Perfect for using in your morning smoothie or porridge, for baking or dippin’ vegan cookies into, these vegan milk alternatives are deffo’ a must-have in your weekly vegan shop!

Vegan Meat Alternatives 

From vegan chicken nuggets, meat free burgers and plant based sausages, the world of mock meat alternatives is thriving. From brands like Linda McCartney, Quorn and Beyond Meat, you can still enjoy your fave meals while saving the planet! Your Friday night takeaway/hangover cure can still live on as names such as KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s all offering vegan substitutes.

Vegan Beauty Alternatives 

That’s right, you can even opt for a vegan beauty regime, it’s 2021, boo! Leave your legs feelin’ silky smooth throughout 2021 with Estrid, a vegan razor brand from Scandinavia. With cute AF branding and packaging, this is a must-have vegan beauty product this year. From makeup to skincare, Elf are an affordable beauty brand with all of their products being 100% vegan and cruelty free. Get all dolled up vegan style and score some serious likes on your Insta!

Some staple vegan fridge and cupboard stables that give you that much needed protein and nutrition intake that you need to add to your shopping list are chickpeas, beans, tofu, tempeh, grains and nutritional yeast!

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