Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random acts of kindness day is a day dedicated to performing small kind acts that aim to spread hope and happiness. And if that wasn’t as good a reason as any, then the global pandemic has brought about an even greater need to perform acts of kindness. But why is kindness important? Random acts of kindness are scientifically proven to boost happiness, increase the love hormone, release serotonin and more, meaning they are well and truly effective. Being kind, or witnessing kindness is a beautiful act that in fact lowers the blood pressure, boosts self esteem and simply allows the giver and the person receiving (or even watching). This is because kindness activates areas of the brain to release particular hormones - pretty cool, right? Ready to hear some acts of kindness you can do today.

1. The Waiter Rule

Sure, we may be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean our local baristas, fast-food servers or delivery drivers aren’t working around the clock to provide the best service. If you’re looking for simple random acts of kindness ideas, then being kind to those serving you is a great way to start. Whether that’s by tipping them with a few extra ££ or paying them a compliment, it will definitely boost your mood AND theirs.

2. Pay For Their Order

This is one of our favourite random acts of kindness. Next time you’re in a queue getting coffee, or your Mcdonald’s order, why not pay for the order of the person behind you? This generally creates a bit of a chain reaction which encourages them to also do the same thing. Our tip? Maybe make sure it’s not a huge family or else that could be expenny.

3. Send Someone a Nice Text

Remind them how GREAT they’re doing. Time’s are hard, girl, and one way or another we are all struggling. Maybe you have friends who are bored AF on furlough, others may have lost their job or some may be working non-stop. Either way, a quick text to let them know how well they’re doing costs absolutely nothing and is totally well worth it.

4. Leave a Positive Message on a Stranger’s Insta Pic

So you follow plus 1000 people on Instagram but interact with pretty much none? CHANGE IT! Leave a nice comment, like a friend's picture, or react to their story and we know you’ll feel good. It could be as simple as a simple heart, a message, or just a compliment, but whatever it is, you can be sure to positively impact their day.

5. Be Kind to YOU

Once you’ve performed one kind gesture, why not perform one on yourself? Always be kind to you, boo. Buy at least one thing in your wishlist and dedicate an hour or so to doing something for yourself. From switching your phone off and throwing on a face mask, to adding everything to your cart (we see you, shopaholics) commit time to doing something that makes you happy.

How are you going to be celebrating random acts of kindness day? Whatever you decide, do it in style! Shop our fresh collection of regularly updated  ‘New In’ styles and get ready to spread the love. Take part in our challenge by taking your look to the feed with the #luxegal hashtag to remind others of random acts of kindness day. 

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