What Is Cuffing Season? Everything You Need To Know

With the clocks going back on Sunday - yep, we’re definitely not ready - 4pm sundowns, single figure climates and the reappearance of cosy knits can only mean one thing: it’s cuffing season. But what is cuffing season? In short, it’s the time of year every single woman, man and his or her wife crave a hottie to hunker down with - but for one season only. Because being single is so last summer, and well, Netflix and chill sessions just don’t hit the same when you’re alone. To ‘cuff’ someone essentially means to couple up with them in a mutual agreement that neither of you want to lay scrolling in bed at 8pm on Friday night, alone. Lasting for 6 months (typically from October to March), it’s the season single lads and gals get to play along like happy couples... up until the summer hits and squad holidays, festivals and raves take precedence once again, meaning cuffing season is over for another year.

Find out everything you need to know about cuffing season; from the unwritten cuffing season rules, to dating tips to help meet your seasonal fling with our ultimate guide.

Cuffing Season Rules & Dating Advice

If like most you fancy your try at securing a winter bae, then it’s probably best you get familiar with the rules and start stocking up on some dating tips. They might be extra hot, but feelings? Yeah, probably not. Avoid those rookie errors, even if it’s not your first time, with our top 5 cuffing season tips and tricks:

1. Lay Down Your Expectations

Since most singles are just looking for a quick winter romance, it’s probably best to know that rule number one when cuffing is to lay down your expectations (and to not get too attached). When using your fave dating apps to meet that seasonal companion, be sure to lay down your expectations.

2. DMC?

Absolutely not. Unless it’snot all casual of course. If you and your cuff-buddy have agreed on cuffing-terms that insist on a no-strings-attached kinda vibe, then AVOID deep and meaningful convos like COVID - please! Cuffing season is meant to be temporary, and don’t you forget it. If you’ve bagged a partner to wear for the winter, then congrats! But unless they’re giving you the green light, don’t go asking the dreaded ‘what are we?’ question, or else you’ll be hearing some serious single bells.

3. Cuffing Season Doesn’t Mean Lower-Your-Expectations Season

If you’re struggling to find a cuffing partner, then don’t. Being single isn’t allll that bad - it just means more snacks for you! But definitely don’t lower your expectations or standards just because you’re scared to be lonely. Blast some old school Rihanna and embrace single life fully!

4. Definitely, Maybe A Good Time To Invest In Netflix

Netflix is *probably* going to be the third member of your cuff-relationship(?) so be sure to include her. You’re not always going to want to hit nandos for a quick bite to eat, or get dressed up to go drinking at your fave bar, so prepare to have those beneath-the-blanket backup. I mean, we all need a cosy night in now and again, and that’s what cuffing is all about anyway, right?

5. Ultimately: Have Fun!

Like pretty much anything - rules were made to be broken! Never take them cuffing season too seriously and always remember to have fun, keep it casual, or (if you want to) fall deeply - it’s totally up to your discretion!

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