What To Expect From Freshers 2020

What a year 2020 has been, boo! If you’ve secured your place at Uni and you’re wondering what to expect from Freshers 2020, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you can be looking forward to. Freshers is designed so you meet new people, join societies and is just a general excuse for getting drunk every night! So pour yourself a drink (alcoholic or not, whatever you prefer), grab your new housemates and open your laptop to let your virtual nights out begin.

Virtual Nights Out

Times are changing, gal, and whether this is your first time going to Uni or you’ve come back to start your Masters, experiencing Freshers is going to be so different. This year, Uni’s are encouraging SU’s to participate in Virtual Nights Out, essentially this means that you’ll be experiencing a night out from the comfort of your own flat. So many DJ’s are doing live sets on Instagram, which means you and your new flatmates can party without the hassle of having to go out! If you’re wondering what to do in freshers if you don’t drink, you can do exactly the same as everyone else, girl! The benefit of experiencing a virtual night out means there's no pressure to drink if that isn’t your thing.

Online Classes

This Freshers 2020, most Uni’s have opted to study from home, so instead of heading onto campus when you’re totally hungover from the night before, you’ll be learning online from your own accommodation. Some tips for a positive workspace, make sure that your desk is free from clutter and rubbish, set out all the things you need for your online lectures and seminars and be prepared to learn, girl! In need of some positivity in your life? Why not shop our Crystals collection and be prepared for whatever gets thrown at you on the zoom call.

Exploring Your New City

If you’ve decided to move away for University, now is the perfect time to gain some newfound independence. Why not make the most of your new home and do some sightseeing? Whether you wanna’ go by yourself or think this would be a good way to get to know your new flatmates better, this is how you’ll wanna spend your freshers 2020 (when you’re not totally hungover.) Wanna’ look totally stylish as soon as you step out? Shop our collection of Masks to ensure that you’re adhering to Government guidelines but still looking on point.

Learn To Cook

For many people, moving to University is a time of ready meals and endless takeaways. But with all this extra time on your hands due to government restrictions, now is the perfect time to learn how to cook! We’re not talking about learning to cook a five star meal, but anything is better than beans on toast for the fifth night in a row. Whether you go off some internet recipes or you actually buy a student cookbook, this is a skill you’ll be needing all your life, girl. Just be careful not to burn the kitchen down!

Feeling a bit more chill about what to expect from Freshers 2020? Shop our Freshers collection to look red hot on move in day and secure your place on the best dressed list.

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