What To Expect When You Start Uni

Congrats babe, you’ve made it to uni! We all know how scary and daunting it can be to pack your life up and move away from your fam, but this is gonna be the best journey of your whole life. Whether you’re going to major as a creative babe or slay it as a bachelor of science, living life as a student can sometimes be super hectic. From battling over territory in the fridge, falling asleep in lectures, living life on 2p and drinking until you can’t see straight, get ready for all the life lessons, girl.

Budget Babe

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We know you’re gonna wanna blow that student loan the first minute you get it (we’ve all been there) but you’re gonna have to budget. If you want enough money to still be able to buy a new ‘fit for that BNO, then you’re gonna have to be able to budget. Living off pot noodles is great (#classicstudent), but plan the meals you’ll have everyday and stock up on all the essentials to really cut down on any excessive spending you’ll be likely to do.

Slaying Social

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The thought of having to socialise with new people you’ve never met before can be super daunting, but remember babe, everyone is in the same situation as you! Just be friendly af to everyone and smile through all the social games you’ll be playing. Just remember to have your ‘one interesting fact’ about you ready when they go around the room.

Stay On Good Terms

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Living in shared halls can be super stressful and tough sometimes. From noisy neighbours to food stealers and dirty dishes piling up, things can sometimes get a little bit too out of hand. Don’t let the little things get out of hand as having arguments with your flatmates can make living together just that little bit awkward. If things seem to be getting intense, invite everyone for a sit down and talk through whatever seems to be going on.

Fletting Friendships

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You won’t keep all of the same friends throughout uni and this is something important that you need to remember. As you move out of campus accommodation and go and live across the city, you’ll realise you were only really friends with people because you lived in the same building. But don’t worry, you’ll both be happy to see each other when you seem them in the club after you've had a few too many.

Try Hard

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Although you'll probably get told a million times "first year doesn't count!" it actually does. Although your overall grade might not count toward your end of degree grade, working hard in first year helps you actually understand the course that you're doing.

Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time

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I know we've just said that you need to try hard in your first year (which is very true) but it's also the only year that could can blame everything on being a fresher. It's acceptable to only get back in at 5am when you've got a lecture at 9, just make sure you make the most of all that Uni has to offer.

Shots, Shots, Shots

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Need we say more?

So drink up, party hard, study harder and most of all, have the most amazing time! Needa 'fit so you look amaze on your first day? Shop our Student Style right here!

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