What To Watch On Netflix This Lockdown 2.0

In desperate need of something new to watch on Netflix? Now that we’re officially back in Lockdown AGAIN (big sigh) it looks like we’re gonna have to keep ourselves entertained for the next month. As the nights start drawing in even earlier, we’ve got to make sure that we take care of ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. Always find yourself scrolling endless to find what’s good to watch on Netflix? We’ve rounded up our top four picks, from series to films, of what to watch on Netflix this November lockdown.

What To Watch On Netflix UK


Found yourself constantly googling ‘What to watch on netflix UK’ (because we all know the USA site has waaaaay more options than us) again? Get into the nitty gritty drama with Ozark, starring Jason Bateman, from Horrible Bosses, & Laura Linney, the American woman from Love Actually, to really sink your teeth into this classic. Financial planner, Marty Byrde is on the move across the country after a money-laundering scheme goes arey. With dirty dealings catching up to him in the most unprecedented of situations, this high tension crime drama is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

What’s Good To Watch On Netflix


Wanna spice up those Netflix N’ Chill nights? Of course you do, girl! With going back into a national Lockdown, it’s important now more than ever to have some on point series and films added to your Must Watch List. True crime fans, this one’s for you! Wondering what’s good to watch on Netflix? Recently just dropping on the site is their new investigative documentary, Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? The four part series deep dives into one of the most controversial cases in Argentinian history, following the mysterious death of Maria Marta in 2002, after she was found unconscious in her bath tube.

What Series To Watch On Netflix


With so many series available on Netflix sometimes you can find yourself sat there pondering what series to watch on Netflix! In two minds over streaming it or skipping it? Schitt’s Creek is a newer series to have hit the UK Netflix earlier this year and luckily for us all six seasons are available to stream right now! Following the trials and tribulations of a once wealthy family who lose all their fortune, they’re forced to move to the tiny town of Schitt’s Creek, which they once purchased as a joke. Sharing adjacent rooms in a rundown motel, the family must adjust living the normal life. Schitt’s about to get real.

What Film To Watch On Netflix


It’s Saturday night, you’ve just snuggled down, hot choc in one hand, comfy clothes on and here comes the dreaded argument you have every weekend, what film to watch on netflix? If you’re in need of a bit of laughter this Lockdown, then you’ll deffo’ wanna put on Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga. In a small town in Iceland, two childhood best friends, Lars and Sigrit, make music together as a band called Fire Sage. Much to the dismay of the Town, Lars and Sigrit qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest and battle for a place in the Final. With some twists and turns, this comedy is the perfect solution for what film to watch on Netflix! 

Grab the popcorn and Netflix N' Chill this season with our round up of what to watch on Netflix! We've got you covered, boo!

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