What To Wear During Freshers Week

It’s almost time for the scariest, craziest, yet probably one of the best weeks of your life, freshers week! What to wear during freshers week is probably the last thing on your mind as you’re setting off to start your uni journey. Your dad’s car is stuffed to the brim with all the unnecessary uni purchases you’ve made all summer long, he’s frantically punching postcodes into his sat nav while your mum tries to force you to take more cans of baked beans so that you don’t starve in your first week. Don’t worry chick, it’s all part of the fun! Once you’ve managed to make it to your new uni pad in one piece, the fun can really start. Make sure you’re dressed to kill for all occasions, whether it’s the library, or your local club with our edit of what to wear during freshers.

What To Wear On Freshers Day

what to wear on freshers day

Got those first day feels? Your first day at uni is totally a big deal, it’s time to set that first impression and convince your uni tutor that you’re a good apple and definitely not the girl who’s going to roll in hungover and sit at the back with Kim K style shades on. If you’re stressin’ over what to wear on freshers day, we recommend keeping it cute, classy, but also comfy (nobody wants to be the one wriggling around in their seat because their jeans are too tight). We love the Celeste Black And White Jumper Dress for a fire first day ‘fit. It’ll keep you warm during those walks home after lectures, but keep you on trend and ready to pose for a group pic with your new uni squad at any given opportunity. Team with a mini backpack, chunky white trainers and your new stationery for an A* look.

What To Wear To Freshers Party

what to wear to freshers party

You’ve nailed your first lecture, shuffled awkwardly round the freshers fair, tacked photos to your wall and now you’re ready for your first official freshers party! There is no one fits all solution when it comes to what to wear to a freshers party, it’s all about the kinda night that you’re headed to. Made society friends and have a fancy dress social coming up? Go all out with a crazy costume, or play it safe with a black bodycon dress and a pair of classic cat ears. You won’t win any points for originality, but you also won’t have a moment like Georgia in Angus Thong And Perfect Snogging. If it’s a chilled one, go for a slogan tee with some denim shorts, boots and a biker jacket to be an instant off-duty cutie. If you’re dying to see what those student house parties are all about, we recommend wearing a mesh dress to a freshers party for a look that’ll turn heads while you’re turning up. Make sure to take a coat on your travels to prevent that famous freshers flu from ruining your look.

What To Wear Clubbing Freshers

freshers clubs

Your first proper student night out is deffo a big deal, so stressing over what to wear clubbing during freshers is totally a thing, don’t worry. Prepare to be hounded by promoters trying to get you into clubs, forced to drink shots in questionable colours and being terrified to check the club’s Facebook page for photos the photographer snapped of you dancing on that weird guy. One thing you can actually get right when you hit the clubs during freshers week is your outfit! We love this Black Slinky Co-Ord for a night out look you’ll remember (or not), or this Blue Glitter Sparkly Dress to match the luminious blue cocktails you’ll be necking all night. If dressing up isn’t really your thing and you prefer to wear something casual to go out during freshers, you can never beat a good pair of jeans like these Ripped High Waisted Blue Jeans. Listen to the wise words of your mum and stay safe, stick with your friends and don’t mix those drinks unless you want to spend the majority of your first week on campus with your head in the toilet bowl.

What To Wear To Freshers Ball

what to wear to freshers ball

So your uni is extra AF and has decided to throw a freshers ball to welcome you all in, we love it! Deciding what to wear to a freshers ball doesn’t have to be a big drama, just go for a simple, floor sweeping maxi dress to dial up the drama and show everyone at your uni that you’re that b*tch. Play it safe with an all black ensemble and go for a black maxi dress, or standout and get yourself the reputation of campus fashionista in a side split maxi. Just because you’re now a student who has mastered the act of budgeting, doesn’t mean you can’t look totally boujee and channel your inner Kris Jenner. Make your look seem expensive with some OTT jewellery, you’ll look like you’ve blown your whole student loan, but we won’t tell that everything was under a tenner!

So you’re now 100% clued up on what to wear during freshers week, prepare for a week of total madness, but know that you’ll look back on the pics thinking “yes girl, you slayed that outfit”. Shop our full freshers collection here and make sure to snap a pic and show us what you’re workin’ with on the ‘gram with the #luxegal hashtag.
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