Which Disney Princess Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Babe! Wanna know which Disney Princess your zodiac sign is? See which of the Disney Princesses relate to your zodiac characteristics. This will deffo resonate with you, gal. Maybe the stars are trying to tell you something? Get ready to find out which Disney princess your zodiac sign is!

Aries CharacteristicsAries Characteristics

Taurus CharacteristicsTaurus Characteristics

Gemini CharacteristicsGemini Characteristics

Cancer CharacteristicsCancer Characteristics

Leo CharacteristicsLeo Characteristics

Virgo CharacteristicsVirgo Characteristics

Libra Characteristics

Libra Characteristics

Scorpio CharacteristicsScorpio Characteristics

Sagittarius CharacteristicsSagittarius Characteristics

Capricorn CharacteristicsCapricorn Characteristics

Aquarius CharacteristicsAquarius Characteristics

Pisces CharacteristicsPisces Characteristics

Hey girl, Now you know what Disney princess is your zodiac sign! Wanna look like the Boujee princess and check out the New In. Show us your zodiac's style on the 'gram by using the #luxegal hashtag and don't forget to repost your Disney princess zodiac onto your Insta story!

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