Which Face Mask Should I Use?

Done with makeup? Over contour? Reserve your beauty bag for nights with your girls, and get that youthful, glowy look without a shimmer of highlighter in sight. Don’t know what face mask you should use? With tons of hydrating sheet masks promising to give you that dewy shine, choosing the right face mask can be - quite frankly - a little difficult. But with our ultimate guide to finding the perfect sheet mask, you'll be embracing major I-woke-up-like-this vibes every day with these affordable and effective face mask sheets. I mean, who has time for beauty products every morning anyway?

Technic 3 in 1 Multi Use Mask

technic 3 in 1 multi use mask
If you’re lookin’ for a quick rejuvenation to give you a natural and healthy glow, we recommend adding this mega mask to your beauty regime. Containing three different masks designed to create flawless skin, this Technic 3 in 1 Multi Use Mask will instantly brighten up your complexion. This Insta-worthy face mask is perf’ for sharing your chilled AF weekend on the ‘gram. Sheets include: A Shea Butter Mud Mask, A Calamine Bubble Mask and a Q10 Gold Peel off Mask.

Technic Green Tea Bubble Mask

technic green tea bubble mask
Want the tea? Get rid of those unwanted toxins by treating your skin to this Technic Green Tea Bubble Mask. Designed to purify, smooth and revitalise your face, this green tea extract sheet mask is about to become your go-to for ensuring that photoshop finish. Suitable for all skin types, this bubble face mask is our fave for boosting our complexion after one too many wines - we feel ya, boo. After all, who doesn't enjoy a bit of TLC?

Technic Vitamin E Sheet Mask

technic vitamin e sheet mask
Make it allllll about you this season, and nourish your skin with this vitamin enriched Technic Vitamin E Sheet Mask. Get that glass skin you’ve always wanted by adding this antioxidant rich sheet mask to your basket ASAP. Helping you steer clear of skin damage caused by pollution, this is one of the best face masks for protecting your skin and helping to prevent any premature signs of ageing. Keep your ID at the ready, babe, ‘coz you’re gonna be looking fresh faced AF.

Technic Hydrate Sheet Mask

technic hydrate sheet mask

Wanna shortcut to supple skin? Whilst we advise that you don’t cut corners with your skincare routine, we do suggest adding this Technic Hydrate Sheet Mask to your nighttime routine. Containing hyaluronic acid to help maintain that youthful look, we love this plumping effect sheet mask to help maintain that fresh outta facial glow. Wear for 10-15 mins to maximum results - we’re not obsessed, you are!

W7 Charcoal Easy Peel Face Mask

w7 charcoal easy peel face mask
Give your skin the pick-me-up it needs and get rid of those blackheads with this W7 Charcoal Easy Peel Face Mask. Reducing the appearance of spots and blemishes, this purifying mask was made with clear-skin lovers in mind. Apply evenly on product-free for a deep cleanse that’ll give you the glow you’ve been searchin’ for. Allow to mask to dry, and peel off after 10 minutes. Rinse off any residue with water and enjoy gettin’ all those compliments, doll. It’s cheaper than a facial!
Finally found the mask you’ve been dreamin’ of? With luxe sheet masks suitable for all skin types, the secret to perfect skin is more affordable than you think! Check out our beauty range for cheap and cheerful alternatives that'll keep you lookin’ fresh throughout lockdown.
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