Working From Home - What’s on the Menu, Babe?

We stand by the mindset that good food can help with anything, which is why it is important that you stay healthy and well fed while working from home, babe. It’s easy to slip out of a healthy routine when your fridge is just a few steps away from your desk, which is why we have put together a ‘working from home’ menu to keep you on track and to help you practice your cooking skills during lockdown. We’ve got you covered, girl.


Ready to kickstart your day, babe? It can be super easy to skip breakfast and go for a large coffee instead, but it has been proven that a good breakfast is linked to many health benefits and improves our well-being. Getting in those morning nutrients can make a huge difference to your day, fuelling your brain and prepping you to slay working from home.

Avocado, Poached Eggs & Toast

Avo and Eggs are one of our absolute fave breakfast options. It’s quick and easy to make, and you don’t have to worry about counting the calories, gal. Eggs are loaded with high-protein levels and vitamins, whereas avocados are full of healthy fats that make you feel full even when you haven’t had that much to eat, which is fab if you’re trying to cut down. If you are a vegan, why not switch the eggs for some garlic mushrooms? Add some paprika, chilli flakes and a drizzle of lime to your avo to make your breakfast boujee AF and have an eggcellent start to your day.


It’s finally lunch time, yay! You can escape your desk for an hour and use your time in lockdown to teach yourself some healthy lunch meals that will help power you through to the end of the day, babe. Why not meal prep at the start of your week so you have more time during your break and aren’t raiding the cupboards for unhealthy snacks?

Pesto Pasta

Quick, simple and delicious - who doesn’t love pesto pasta? It’s the perfect lunch time meal and easy to batch cook so you have plenty to last you throughout the week. Pesto pasta can be made in many different variations, and many stores offer vegan options too. I usually add courgette, peas and red pepper to mine, but you can add whatever veggies you like, gal. Why not channel your inner domestic goddess and try to make your own homemade pesto?


You’ve made it to the end of the day and working from home is starting to feel like a part of your normal routine now, so why not end the day on a high and treat yourself to a wholesome dinner? I know it may seem easier to opt for a takeaway after a long day of sitting at your desk, but trust me babe, you will feel so much better after cooking some homemade, wholesome goodness. Become a Quarantine Queen of the kitchen and put your cooking skills to the test.


It’s time to turn up the heat and to get hot and spicy in the kitchen, hun. This delicious meal originates from North Africa and the Middle East, but has made it’s stamp across the globe, so let’s get continental, babe! The best thing about Shakshuka is the fact that it is made up of basic food staples that we all have in our fridge or cupboard, and you can make it your own by adding any veggies you want. My secret is adding plenty of cayenne pepper, paprika and cumin to give it that extra kick. Why not add some feta into the mix to give it that creamy texture? If you are self-isolating with other people then this is perf for sharing.

Now you are fully prepped to eat well and healthy while working from home, girl. My tips would be to never eat at the same place you’re working from and always plan ahead so you have time to chill on your lunch break.

Stay safe and positive, make sure you get in your daily exercise and if you want a distraction check out our other blogs for some helpful working from home tips or browse our most wanted. Enjoy, babe!

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