Your December Horoscope

‘Tis officially the season to be jolly - or at least we can try to be! Spread festive cheer when you seek guidance from our trusty cosmos designed to help you sleigh harder than Santa and herald good vibes all month long. Make the final month of 2020 your best month of the year (not that that’s too difficult) when you read accurate horoscopes and monthly predictions from this years’ final cosmic observations. Read our love horoscope to gain the confidence you need to leave that f*ck boy in 2020 - where he belongs BTW - or find out whether you should be preparing to pucker those lips for a virtual kiss under the mistletoe. Be the ultimate goal-setter when you steal inspo from your monthly horoscope and put plans in place to create a truly boss year. With an abundance of auspicious energies set to fill your month with all kinds of positive feels, check out your December horoscope 2020 to start this holiday season on the right foot!

We hope you’ve got your 2021 diary at the ready, because this is the month you’re about to make a plan for all those projects that have been twirling round. Your Aries monthly horoscope for December is looking pretty, well, full of exciting endeavours. From reassessing your career, to fixing up your home, you’re going to be pulled in all kinds of directions this season, but don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle! Whilst you’re busy getting your life in check, don’t neglect those personal relationships. Make time for Facetime, walks with the bestie, or (dare I say?) Zoom quizzes. Once you’re busy figuring out how you can hustle hardest, be sure to sit back, throw on a Christmas film and just reflect on everything you’ve achieved this year. Mega babe = you!

It should be a crime to be working this hard, Taurus, but no boss babe ever succeeded by sitting still. According to your Taurus monthly horoscope, your finances are really set to skyrocket. Whether your hard work in the office is finally being recognised, or you’ve hit a milestone in your side hustle, Christmas is gonna be on you, boo! Even though you’re no doubt busy chasing your dreams, be sure to take time out this month to really sit back and look at everything you’ve achieved. Are you where you need to be right now? Where do you want to be in 12 months’ time? Create a list of your long-term dreams and aspirations and shift your energy towards the things that really matter to you. You’ve got this, girl.

Feeling thrifty this month, Gemini? You should be! Our constellations predict that this month you’ll be setting some serious budgets, though that isn’t to suggest you should be worried about money! Your responsibilities are about to be heightened in a way they never have before, which means you simply must prepare by saving a bit of cash for those ‘emergencies’. Keen to find out your love horoscope? Well, your Gemini monthly horoscope seems to believe your relationships are taking off! Expect to create deeper bonds with your bae, or if you’re single, get ready to open your heart to a potential partner. Satisfy your social nature by catching up with friends for a virtual glass of wine, and spend more time with family. ‘Cos that’s what Christmas is all about, right?

Can’t catch a break? It probably feels like you’ve been working your *ss off, and well, you have! You’re a hard-worker by nature and are extremely loyal when it comes to work, so don’t be afraid to point out what you’re worth. That being said, sometimes you just have to put yourself first, because let’s face it, life it can be exhausting. Your Cancer horoscope suggests you take this month to rest, retune and refocus. With Christmas a perfect time to strengthen your relationship sector, it could be a good time to discuss with friends what you want out of life, or even decide whether potential relationships are doing more harm than good. Be sure to take whatever lessons you’ve learned this year, into the next and you’re set for a totally promising 2021!

Ready to find out what your Leo monthly horoscope has in store for you? This month, it’s all about the big R: relationships. Whether romantic, personal, or work-related, you’re paving way for some really exciting connections that will continue to develop into 2021. That’s not to say you must give 100% of your time to every single one of them, be firm with where you draw boundaries. With the extra time off, now could be a really good time to focus on your physical and mental wellbeing. Start a home workout routine, commit to going on a daily walk, or simply grab a glass of wine to enjoy in the bath - there’s really no right or wrong way! Be kind to yourself this month, Leo.

Whilst you’re usually committed to working your way to the top of that career ladder, it’s your home life that’s set to be in the limelight this month, Virgo. Your Virgo monthly horoscope suggests that there’s a big change coming, and it should be more than welcome. If you’ve been thinking of moving house, then December could be a good time to think about how, when and where. Your life’s moving forward so you best know you better keep up! There will likely be a lot of mini opportunities offered to you this month, so don’t be afraid to take them, whether it’s advice from a friend, or you’re networking with potential clients/employers, be open to whatever this month throws at you. Life’s biggest gift is time, so use it wisely!

With the new moon entering your house of communication this month, it’s fair to say that you’re going to be discussing some pretty exciting projects that will enhance your personal growth. As per for your Libra monthly horoscope, it’s important to remember that exchanging ideas with your closest squad is always a good idea, so be sure to call upon those you trust this month! If you’ve just moved home - yay, new start - don’t hold back from decking it out with new stuff that captures every inch of your amazing personality. A house isn’t a home until it’s been appropriately adorned, remember that!

Keep pushing at that daily grind, babe, and the rewards are sure to follow. You’re the OG girl boss, and this month is no different. Whilst everyone’s slowing down for the season’s festivities, you’re just speeding up! Your Scorpio monthly horoscope knows you’re going to be smashing your to-do list this month, with everything from work, to play, you seem to have everything under control. That being said, you’re no stranger to feeling underwhelmed, so with any projects that are seeming to go a lil too slowly for your liking, remain positive and push through. The new year will bring all kinds of changes, so be mindful of everything you have right now, and be careful not to wish your life away.

It’s officially Sagittarius season! Happy birthday, babe. This month will centre around your theoretical rebirth, meaning there’s expected to be lots of positive changes, new beginnings and doors opening. From rethinking the direction of your life, to practicing self-love and growth, you’ve come on leaps and bounds this year, girl. Your relationships with friends and family are set to be booming this month, so prepare to spend a lot of time socialising with others in person or, of course virtually. Utilize the people closest to you to help you gain more insight into your future plans. It can be daunting doing things alone, and a problem shared is always a problem halved. The new year brings around the need for travel. Look up flights to your favourite holiday spot, or consider taking a much-needed city break - you deserve it!

Oh intuitive Capricorn… although this is usually the time of year to socialise with everyone and anyone, you’ll be taking some time to be with yourself. Contemplating where your life’s headed can really allow you to refocus and recharge, but be mindful not to dwell too much on the past. Your Capricorn monthly horoscope wants to remind you that this December is all about moving forward, meaning the whole ‘new year, new you’ vibe couldn’t be more appropriate! Around Christmas you’re sure to get that spring in your step back, so just ride it out, follow your gut feeling and remain in tune with your emotions. You’ve got this, girl.

Travelling home for Christmas? Prepare to regroup with all the old squad and enjoy some much-needed time to catch up on everything you’ve missed out on. Nothing says Christmas like bonding with your nearest and dearest, so say ‘yes’ to those last min meet ups and just let your hair down once and for all. Your Aquarius monthly horoscope suggests that your career has been feeling more stagnant than ever. But don’t worry! Thanks to some time off work, you can get busy thinking about how to get creative with your income and even find the confidence you need to push for that promotion. Take time to plan for those long term goals and take your newly focused energy into the new year. You’re gonna boss this, babe!

Been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut lately, Pisces? We totally get that! It’s likely that your mind is working overtime thinking about your career, goals, and the future you’ve been dreaming of. This year has no doubt presented it’s fair few challenges, but moving forward, your Pisces monthly horoscope is encouraging you to readjust your mindset and push yourself towards the change you need to make. That being said, this festive season is all about feeling good, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself this month. Make sure to try to find the balance that allows you to hustle hard, and play harder. Spend time soaking up the positive energy of your family and friends and just enjoy the exciting transition you’ll be more than ready to undergo.

Ready to start the final month of 2020 with a bang? Now you know exactly what your December monthly horoscope has in store, prepare to make some serious waves this month, girl. You glow harder when your ‘drobe is on point, babe, so stock up on our 'New In' and get hot on fresh garms before they even hit the ‘gram. 

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