Your Guide to Spring Scents

We’re already in Spring, and whilst we may have the wardrobe for it we haven’t got our hands on any new spring scents! We’re done with the heavier scents from last season, spring scents are all about keeping things fresh and light. 

We’ve put together our top five spring scents and even matched them with a Femme Luxe fit we think your new perfume will pair perfectly with. 

Spring Scent #1

The brand new Daisy Skies perfume by Marc Jacobs is a sure signal that spring has sprung. This new scent is a fresh spritz that’s created from lotus flowers, violet, and jasmine, all built on a musky sandalwood base to create a naturally fresh scent that’s perfect to ring in spring. 

A fresh scent like this is going to be a sure-fire go to for the upcoming warmer months, so we reckon this perfume would be amazing over the top of a white shirt dress, to really achieve the fresh spring vibe. Simply pair your white shirt dress with chunky white trainers, and accessorize with some tortoiseshell sunglasses and gold jewellery for some trendsetting spring style!

Spring Scent #2

Springtime in a Park by Maison Margiela is a true spring scent, as soon as we smell it we feel like we’ve been for a walk through a garden of freshly bloomed flowers, and why wouldn’t we want to smell that good? Especially when this scent is supposed to remind people of their happy place!

This fresh floral scent would be perfect with a low-key outfit that matches the perfume’s light fresh scent. It gives us daytime vibes, so a cute milkmaid top, mom jeans, and some chunky sandals would be the perfect outfit to wear this perfume with, especially on a sunny spring day out to the park. 

Spring Scent #3

Chanel No.5 was made famous by Marilyn Monroe, who was as timeless as her perfume.

You can’t go wrong with a scent that’s become so iconic, it’s feminine floral scent made up of jasmine, vanilla and white musk. If it isn’t a staple in your perfume collection already then it will be soon. Whilst we’ve pinned it down as a scent that reminds us of the freshness of spring, it’s so iconic you can wear it all year round and people will thank you for it!

Pair this divine feminine scent with a white satin dress, your highest heels and delicate gold jewellery to feel like your true femme self. 

Spring Scent #4

Spring is the time to embrace florals, even if you don’t wear them you can enjoy them in your favourite scent. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is the ultimate floral scent, smelling exactly like a bouquet of fresh flowers. One spray of this and you’ll feel like you're living in a dreamy springtime fantasy. 

Now that you smell like spring with the help of Flowerbomb, why not look as good as you smell? This perfume gives us pretty in pink vibes, so why not go that extra mile and style this perfume with a pink satin mini dress to give off gorgeous femme vibes!

Spring Scent #5

f the traditional spring scents of fresh flowers aren’t your thing, then Giorgio Armani’s Si is the perfect scent for you. Si is a warmer scent with blackcurrant and rose paired with musky patchouli and oakmoss, making it the perfect spring scent for the girls who aren’t here for your usual springtime dressing.

For the gorgeous girls who vibe more with this richer, seductive scent, we believe a classic black bodycon mini dress will be a perfect match for you and your new perfume. Style up your little black dress with strappy black heels, your best gold jewellery, and a sultry smokey eye look to unleash your inner springtime goddess. 

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