Your Mystic AF March Horoscope

Wanna know what the stars have in store for you in March? Well, girl, we've got all your mystic needs sorted down to a T - your March horoscope predictions are right here! So whether you're a self-confessed spiritual sista, or a skeptic who wants to see what March has in store, check out your March Horoscopes below.

Aries March Horoscope

Boss babe? This month, that’s your new title, gal! Success is flowing to you and ambition is running through your veins, it’s time to slay that to-do list and nail that promotion. With your creative sphere opened up and new opportunities coming your way, it’s the ultimate time to start a new project. Having relationship troubles? Whether you’ve got a long term boo, or you’re on a bae hunt, we suggest taking some time out to take care of number 1 in March. After all, self care is the best care, right?

Taurus March Horoscope

Been stressed recently? Your Taurus March Horoscope is calling for some srs R&R, boo. Leave your work laptop in work (where it belongs), delete that fuckboy’s number and cancel those plans with that toxic frenemie. Your life ain’t gonna change unless you start making some changes, hun. Make a list of your priorities in life and start to give more of your time and energy to the most deserving ones. Light some candles, run a bath and grab the choc, March is all about making sure your mental health is in check. Stress? Issa thing of the past!

Gemini March Horoscope

New month, new you, Gemini! Your Gemini March Horoscope is predicting a serious shake up. Whether it’s a brand new job, a love interest or even a move to a new pad, prepare yourself for a fresh start. Feeling apprehensive? This change up in your routine will leave you feeling positive, refreshed and ready to take on anything that this month throws at you. Supercharge and speed up the process by actively looking for new projects.

Cancer March Horoscope

Had your heart set on something for a while, Cancer? March is officially your month of manifestation, prepare for those dreams to start coming into reality! Keep visualising your dreams and goals and do whatever you can to make them show up in your life, we promise it’ll be worth it, chick. It’s time to delete those dating apps, babe, your love life is about to go into overdrive, with new connections on the horizon. Already got a boo? Things are about to go to the next level.

Leo March Horoscope

Been having relationship troubles, Leo? Prepare for things to finally start going your way! As a feisty Leo, you’re no stranger to the spotlight, but it’s time to start sharing it and find a bae who’s worthy of your time. Already seeing someone? Things are about to start looking up, say cya to those petty dramas and prepare to spend some quality memories with bae. Get planning those dates, holidays and more!

Virgo March Horoscope

Get that block button ready, babe, an ex is about to start blowin’ up your phone! Your Virgo March horoscope is predicting some srs blasts from the past. Prepare for people you’ve been done and dusted with for a while to pop up when ya least expect it. Yeah, great. In other news, your career is looking set to flourish this month. Whether it’s a move to a new job, a promotion or even an office crush, things are about to get interesting!

Libra March Horoscope

You’re the go-to girl in your friendship group for all things advice, but now it’s time to sit back and let others take care of you, Libra! Your March Libra horoscope is advising you to take more care of yourself and let others take care of you too. It’s all well and good being the mum of your gal group, but everyone needs taking care of once in a while! Start reading a new book, go for a jog in the park or hit the shops and let your gals pour you a big glass of rose when you’re back.

Scorpio March Horoscope

Your mind is a muscle too, Scorpio! Time to invest in that brain of yours. We know you love hittin’ the gym, but don’t neglect your mind too! Read up on some topics that interest you, whether it be the law of attraction, nutrition or just a flick through your fave mag. Download that brain training app or do something creative to get your headspace on point. This is the ultimate distraction if you’ve been having boy or friend drama. We all know that the ultimate revenge is levelling up and having your own personal glow up!

Sagittarius March Horoscope

Been struggling with a personal issue recently? The universe has got your back, bae! Your Sagittarius March horoscope suggests that some old wounds are gonna be healed. Yay! Whether it’s a stressful breakup, an end to a toxic friendship, or a regret of yours, you’ll finally be able to let it go and move on. Celebrate in style by hitting the town with your girl gang for your fave cocktail and a cheeky takeaway at the end of the night.

Capricorn March Horoscope

If you’re at a crossroads in life RN Capricorn, your March horoscope is letting you know that everything is gonna work out for the best. Make that leap of faith and go with your gut, you will not regret it. Your fam and friends will be with you every step of the way and you’ll be one step closer to livin’ the dream. Put procrastination aside and do whatever it takes to get your laser focus on, whether it’s meditation, lighting some incense, or a ten minute walk. You’ve got this, girl!

Aquarius March Horoscope

Last month wasn’t exactly great for you was it, Aquarius? Don’t stress though, chick, your Aquarius March horoscope is lookin’ far more positive than Feb. F*** Feb off and enjoy a month of manifesting all of your desires. Whether it’s your love life, career, or fam life that needs a lil TLC, you’ll experience a turnaround in your circumstances real quick. Tough times in life make us stronger and prepare us for everything that’s to come, so thank your lucky stars that everything is about to work out well for ya. Remember to be grateful for everything that you have in your life, the more grateful you are, the more things that come, yasss gal!

Pisces March Horoscope

We’re totally jel of your March Horoscope, Pisces! It’s looking to be one of your best months yet, with success comin’ at you from all angles. Your creative juices will be flowing, so it’s the perf time to take up a new hobby or redecorate your pad. Got nights out planned this month? You’re gonna be in the spotlight, boo. You’re the new star of your friendship group, prepare to attract all the attention. Now is the ultimate time to get your shop on, your gals are gonna wanna borrow everything you get, though!

Feeling ready to take on March? You go, gorge. We hope you've loved your March Horoscope 2020. Make sure you hit our New In section and make it your best dressed month yet!

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