Your Shortcut To Sunkissed

Whilst holiday season may be cancelled, summer is most definitely not! Which means the race for finding the best fake tan to give you that ultra glowy look is officially on. We know searchin’ for a shortcut to sunkissed skin can be a toil, but with some of the best fake tan products, it's much be easier than you think, doll! Ditch the aftersun - ‘coz we ain’t burnin’ here - and get ready fake it ‘til you make it with our range of fake tan products. From St. Moriz fake tan mousse and tanning mist for mastering that healthy sunkissed look, right down to the St. Moriz tanning mitt for nailing that streak free tan, we’ve got your golden glow covered. Look like you’ve stepped straight off the beach with some must-have fake tan products and get ready to glow get ‘em, babe! What you waitin’ for?

St. Moriz Tanning Mousse

medium st. moriz tanning mousse

Fulfil your Dubai dream with this Medium St. Moriz Tanning Mousse and be the golden goddess you really are! A tan is the ultimate make or break for any outfit, which is why we love this fake time for maintaining that healthy glow all season long. With instant guide colour, you can enjoy your tan without the risk of missing any patches, helping you achieve that flawless look. Leave on for a few hours for a more natural tan, or put on before bed for lovers of a darker shade, jump in the shower to rinse off and embrace your seriously sunkissed skin. Opt for an XL bottle of fake tan to keep your tan lush for longer. Don't forget to show off your tan by wearing bright neon or tie dye pieces for a sizzlin’ AF feel without actually sizzling - it beats gettin’ sunburnt, hun!

St. Moriz Tanning Mist

medium st. moriz tanning mist

Usually enjoy lying in the sun with your homemade cocktail in hand? Us too, babe! Don’t be let down when the sun isn’t on your side by keeping your tan topped up with this Medium St. Moriz Tanning Mist. Whether it’s your first time seeing the squad in, like, forever, then this fake tan is gonna be your saviour when it comes to makin’ an entrance! Spray onto exfoliated skin (for best results) and, using your St. Moriz tanning mitt, use circular motions to help absorption. Allow 4-6 hours to dry, or sleep in it if you’re looking for a deeper tan!

St. Moriz Tanning Mitt

black st. moriz velvet tanning mitt

The unspoken hero of achieving that flawless tan, a fake tan mitt is the key to mastering streak free skin and keeping those hands lookin’ beaut. Complete your St. Moriz fake tan collection by using this Black St. Moriz Velvet Tanning Mitt to apply your tan. FYI: If you’re wondering how to fake tan your face without it going patchy, then your tanning mitt is your bestie for helping you achieve a sunkissed look that doesn’t look fake. With any leftover residue left on your mitt, gently pat your face for a natural glow that’ll keep your skin lookin’ healthy. Add some fake lashes and a glossy lip for a seriously glowy look that’ll totally pop on the ‘gram.

Face Mask

technic hydrate face mask

If you DO love applying fake tan to your face, or catching the sun, then make sure you avoid drying it out! Since our faces are particularly sensitive, we recommend using an extra hydrating face mask to help stay clear of any dry patches from the sun or tan. Add this Technic Hydrate Sheet Mask to your order for giving your skin a plump and dewy effect. Use after a long day spent working from home, or simply as an act of self-care, your skin will thank you for it!
Finally got your shortcut to sunkissed? Check out our Fake Tan and Beauty range to get your skin care in check, babe! Don’t forget to shop our Most Wanted for fresh new buys to wear with your golden glow. Show us how you shimmer by taking your look to the ‘gram with the #luxegal hashtag!

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