Zodiac V Amante Collection - What Each Star Sign Would Wear

Zodiac V Amante Collection - What Each Star Sign Would Wear


Us luxegirls look to our star sign to provide divine guidance on just about everything. So, why should our outfit choices be any different? Your zodiac sign holds a treasure trove of information. Whether it’s taking a deep dive into your personality, learning about you and your partner’s compatibility, or figuring out what’s in store for you this month, zodiac signs are the ultimate fortune tellers. Using these astrological insights, find out which dress from our beautiful Amanté collection you’re destined to wear.


Aries, you're known for your bold, fierce confidence. The Maria Red Long Sleeve Cut Out Midi Dress is your perfect match for a truly unforgettable summer. Its vibrant, deliciously red hue and daring plunge cut will showcase your fearless personality and ensure all eyes are firmly locked in on you–just the way you like it.


Taurus, your love for luxury and the finer things in live calls for something extra special! The Skylar Blue Strap Detail Plunge Front Twist Detail Midi Dress fuses opulence with a classic, comfortable fit thanks to our signature slinky material. Its dreamy blue colour and sophisticated design is right up your alley, complimenting your refined taste.


Gemini, your free-spirited and fun-loving nature deserves something as fun-loving as you are! The playful Norav Cream Off The Shoulder Front Knot Ruched Mini Dress is luxe and versatile, perfect for paying homage to your dual personality and keeping things fresh.


Cancer, you're the ultimate hopeless romantic with a thing for timeless elegance. The Angelica Blue Cross Over Strappy Cut Out Maxi Dress, with its ruched bust and floor-sweeping maxi length, is ideal for tapping into your sentimental side. As a water sign, a blue hue is also the ultimate choice for your sign.


Leo, your star sign is all about dialling up the drama and flaunting your flair. The Ariana red Cut Out Metal detail High Neck Thigh Split Maxi Dress is designed for the spotlight, just like you! Its decadent red hue and bold metal design will empower you to truly feel like the feline queen you are.


Virgo, your incredible taste and love for simplicity call for the Nicki Blue Long Sleeve V Neck Tie Detail Bodycon Midi Dress. This dress fuses timeless elegance with killer curve-sculpting potential, offering a clean girl look that aligns oh-so-well with your perfectionist nature.


Libra, when it comes to your life, you thrive on beauty and balance. The Paisley Black Halter Neck Bodycon Midi Dress embodies your aesthetic with its symmetric design and soft, romantic slinky fabric. Designed to hug your best bits and spotlight your figure, you’ll feel like the supermodel you are in this dreamy design.


Scorpio, your fiery and enigmatic aura pairs perfectly with the Georgie Blue Strappy Plunge Cut Out Mini Dress. With a magnetic clasp at the front to embody the essence of your magnetic personality, this dress will be your new going out go-to.


Sagittarius, as a wild soul, you're all about adventure and freedom. The Sara Red Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Mini Dress is as bold and fearless as you are, perfect for showcasing your free spirit this summer.


Capricorn, your ambition and love for structure make the Jade Cream Long Back Ruched Detail Long Sleeve Maxi Dress a total no-brainer. This dress is both refined and eye-catching, reflecting your classic, yet daring approach to all things fashion.


Aquarius, your love of living life in a totally unconventional way is something that you should totally celebrate through your dressing. Meet your match, the Nora Blue Off the Shoulder Front Knot Ruched Mini Dress. This leg-lengthening mini dress piece is perfect for showcasing your individuality and your legs!


Pisces, your dreamy and artistic soul deserves something as ethereal as you are. The Black Cut Out Metal Detail High Neck Thigh Split Maxi Dress with its flowing fabric and soft colours, is perfect for highlighting your curves and channelling your angelic side.

The Amanté collection has a dress for every star sign, so you can totally find the one that screams you. Whether you're a fiery Aries or a dreamy Pisces, we've got you covered with these dreamy dresses. Embrace your zodiac and let the stars guide your next fashion haul.

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