10 Self Care Tips To Help Get You Through Lockdown

Self care is the best kind of care, girl! Now more than ever it’s so important to put yourself first and take some time out of your day to focus on the most important person, YOU. Whether it be simply making yourself your fave drink or taking 15 mins out of the day to spend some quality time with yourself, self care is amaze for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. With just under three weeks left until we come out of lockdown, we’ve rounded up our top ten self care tips to help get you through Lockdown.

Self Care Tips Mental Health



If you’ve found that your mental health seems to be slipping a bit, we can’t blame you, girl. With the absolute disaster year of 2020, it’s safe to say that we’ve all taken a bit of a beating this year. With being stuck inside for the first half of the year to now being inside AGAIN, we all know how hard it’s been to try and regain some normality back into our lives. With our self care tips mental health, it’s so important to focus on your mind and how something can affect you! We suggest limiting your screen time by putting a lock on certain apps after a certain time and take some time out for yourself. Go for a hot bath and treat yourself to a little something extra with a bath bomb or salts to really amp it up.

Quick Self Care Tips



Whether you only get a 30 minute lunch, or you just need to take a well deserved break throughout the work day, a quick self care tip can sometimes be the perfect answer. Writing down all the things that you’re grateful for in your life is a super quick and easy process and can help you appreciate all the things you have in your life that make you happy! If that isn’t really your thing, why not go for a quick 10 minute stroll to get some fresh air and realign yourself? Seeing as we are in a lockdown, heading out for some fresh air everyday will work wonders for your mental health!

Self Care Beauty Tips



Take your relaxation to new heights with our self care beauty tips. These banging tips will help to keep you feeling positive and what could be better than an at home spa day! With more time on our hands this month, why not crack out the face masks and indulge in some ‘me time’, complete with candles and a hair mask! Something as simple as taking care of ourselves we can put on the back burner when something else takes priority in our lives. Avoid feeling burnt out by ensuring your self care beauty tips are all about you! If masks just aren’t your vibe, opt for changing up your nail colour, dying your brows or putting on some tan to make you feel like a total boss babe!

Self Care Tips For Skin


Turn your skin care into a self care ritual with our skin care tips for skin. Fall back in love with yourself all over again and know your damn worth, girl! It’s so important to take care of your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising everyday, but we all have those CBA days where doing literally anything feels like the biggest chore. Want to amp up your self care game? Our Jade Dual Ended Crystal Face Roller is the perfect accessory to get that glowy AF complection. Helping to reduce undereye puffiness while giving you a relaxing facial massage, this face roller is the perfect excuse for taking some well deserved skin self care!

Self Care Tips For 2020


What a year 2020 has been! We know it can be so hard to stay positive in times like these, but we all need to be thankful for all the good in our lives. While this year has definitely been an eye opener, it’s also gifted us with some amazing self care tips for 2020, because now, more than ever, it’s so important to take care of yourself. Whether WFH has become your new normal or you’re still heading into work, making time to work out will help to make you feel more energised, healthier and is an amazing stress reliever (trust us on this one!). You can find super quick and easy home workouts on youtube, from HIIT to arm and leg workouts, they’re perfect for fitting in on your lunch break!

Top Self Care Tips


Ok, so as you can guess, we’re pretty big on self care. From journaling to digital detoxing, some of the top self care tips are as simple as can be! And, what could be better than some (online) retail therapy! Sometimes, one of the best things you can do is give your wardrobe a full revamp and throw out all those old clothes you’ve been holding onto for years. Full of holes and threadbare, holding onto old clothes is a tendency of holding onto things from the past, just because you had your first date with your other half in that dress doesn’t warrant keeping it. Shop all things New In and treat yourself to a new winter wardrobe, plus with an extra 10% off, you can thank us later.

Best Self Care Tips


One of the best self care tips that we can recommend is getting enough sleep! While you may prioritise watching another episode because you just have to see what happens next, those precious z’s that you’re missing out on can play a big role in your mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to a lack of productivity, a tendency to eat bigger portions and the risk of heart disease. Change up your sleep routine and stick to a set schedule for going to bed, invest in some new pjs or bedding and get set to sleep!Have trouble sleeping? Known for its relaxing effects, spray some lavender oil over your pillow, grab your eye mask and you’ll be asleep no time.

Body Self Care Tips


Taking care of your body and mind goes hand in hand, girl. If one isn’t good, how can you expect the other to be? Take a minute to focus on your body and opt for some home yoga if working out just isn’t your thing, Again, you can find home yoga movements on youtube or a quick search of the internet will give you a list of all the perfect movements to help de-stress. If that still doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, up your body self care and go for a long hot shower. Treat yourself to some indulgent body wash, shave (if that’s what you like to do) and then moisturise to your heart's content.

Self Care Tips For College Students


Burnout is real, boo! Making sure that you take care of your mental wellbeing is so important and considering that we are in a pandemic, it’s even more important now! Avoid getting or feeling burnt out by taking a 20 second break every 20 minutes! Focus on something that inspires you and always remember to keep hydrated. A perfect way to ensure that you drink enough water a day is using a tracker water bottle. These bottles are engraved with hourly targets that you can meet, an essential when you’re trying to study or have a big essay to get through! Our self care tips for college students will ensure that you’re getting A*’s allll the time.

Self Care Tips For Professionals


Similar to the previous paragraph, work burnout is real too. While the majority of the country is working from home again, the most important self care tip for professionals is making sure that your work space is free from clutter. Whether you’re working from the couch or sitting at your kitchen table, having a clean workspace comes hand in hand with a clean mind too! Throw away your sweets wrappers, move your phone to the opposite side of the room and keep your mind focused on your work tasks. An extra tip that we can give is making sure to use a planner to organise your day! Writing out your tasks for the day and ticking them off on a list helps to visualize the rest of your day and helps to make sure you’re getting all your tasks done. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t focus your concentration, you’ve got this, girl!

No matter how you plan your self care, as long as you do something for you, that's the only thing that matters. You got this, babe!

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