Mindful Mondays - The Best Meditation Apps

Switching off from the world and finding the time to have a few moments to yourself can be difficult AF. Although we might be in the midst of another lockdown and not seeing people as regularly, this has many of us scrolling through social media even more, which comes with all sorts of stress and anxiety. In a world where everyone and everything is accessible at the tap of a button, we can all feel overwhelmed. If you want to hit pause on your life for a few moments and practice deep stillness and mental clarity, then meditation apps might be the way forward for you. Meditation apps might not be for everyone, but it’s better to give them a try, ain’t that right, girl? Here are our fave’ meditation apps we think you should deffo’ try out!

Youtube & Spotify

If you already use Youtube and Spotify to watch videos and listen to music, then why not try them as a meditation method? We LOVE listening to ASMR audio like “cutting kinetic sand” or “rain beating on a window,” to help us feel relaxed. Although apps like Calm offer you an abundance of audio and ASMR meditation sounds (Like Harry Styles telling you a story - sign me up ASAP!), Youtube and Spotify can be fab’ alternatives if you are looking for a free meditation app. We also love listening to our fave’ singers or podcasts on both Youtube and Spotify as a form of relaxation and meditation, so if apps aren’t your thing, why not try this, babe?


Calm is deffo’ one of the best and most popular sleep and meditation apps, and as soon as you download it and click into the app, you’ll see why for yourself, girl. Think calming colour tones and relaxing AF audio sounds. Who needs a spa day when you’ve got Calm? Although it is quite a costly meditation app, you can sign up for a free one week trial before you pay for a subscription. With ASMR nature sounds, stimulating music specially designed to help you focus, guided meditation sessions and even stories told by some of our fave’ celebs, we are literally obsessed with this meditation app. Get your candles lit, face mask on and crystals at the ready, boo!


New to the world of meditation? Everybody has to start somewhere, girl. If you are a newbie to meditation and don’t know where to start or what works best for you, then Headspace is an amaze’ meditation app for beginners. With a ten parts “basics” introduction course to help you learn everything you need to know, you will feel like a meditation Guru in no time, gal. Although Headspace isn’t a free meditation app, you can sign up to a free trial and make sure it’s right for you. We love Headspace for allowing us to switch off, so if you wanna have some time away from social media apps and texting people, Headspace allows you to save your fave’ guided meditation sessions so you can use them without 4G or wifi. Headspace is one of the best meditation apps for stress and anxiety and helps us with all of life’s little troubles.

The Mindfulness App

Whether you are after a 5 minute break from the world or an hour long deep meditation session to help combat the stress of your day, The Mindfulness App is a go-to source when it comes to feeling Zen AF. If you wanna keep track of your meditation progress then The Mindfulness App sends you daily statistics and reminders to help you keep on top of everything, babe. Although you only get a free trial for one week, the monthly subscription does offer you up to 200 new guided meditations, as well as short courses to help you with sleep, stress and relationships. The Mindfulness App is one of the best meditation apps if you’re looking to improve your overall mindfulness and relaxation. Get that subscription, boo!

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