4 Festival Glitter Looks To Style This Summer

Festival season is in full swing and we’re definitely okay with that. Nothin’ says festi vibes like a good ‘ol helping of glitter and these festival glitter makeup ideas have got us feelin’ excited and looking for tickets to show off our skills! If you're new to the glitterati and need some back to basics tips on where to start, check out 4 amaze festival glitter makeup ideas and our fave festival glitter trends RN!

The Half-Face Glitter

half face glitter makeup

New to the glitter game and want an easy look to break yourself into all things sparkly? The classic half face glitter makeup look is your perf square one style! Start by doing your face makeup (we love a gold smokey eye and bronzed look) and apply some glitter glue, starting under the second half of your eye and going in a semicircle shape to the middle of your upper brow. We love a mix of gold and bronze glitter for this look, add some mini glitter stars in for an added edge. Don’t want the glitter to stick on for too long? Use some hand sanitiser to fix your sparkles in place, they offer a much less permanent application and will glide off with a makeup wipe after the festival, perf if you’re braving work the next day!

Festival Face Gem Makeup

festival face gems makeup

Look gorge in gems with a beaut gemstone inspired makeup look. These stick on face gems are extra AF, but also super easy to apply! Go for a style that frames your face or team with some body gems for an extraterrestrial vibe. For a fuss-free application, we recommend buying a brush on lash adhesive to make your life that lil extra bit easier. Brush on to the gems and stick on to prevent one falling off and landing in your drink at the festival (not ideal). Mix and match your colours, go for purple and blue or red and orange tones and team with a matching outfit for a ‘gram breaking Insta pic!

Festival Glitter Freckles

festival glitter freckles makeup

You’ve probably seen the faux freckle makeup look on the ‘gram using brown liner or shadow, this is the festival-fied version! Use a glitter in the colour of your choice to create some freckles across your nose and cheeks. Apply an adhesive then flick or pat the glitter depending on whether you want ‘em to look nice n’ neat or wild and unruly. Want a super light look? Swap your glue adhesive for petrolleum jelly to save yourself the struggle of scrubbing it all off after. Don’t settle for boring colours either, we’re loving blue, green and neon pink glitter freckles, the crazier the better! Finish it off with a bright lip and matching glitter shadow.

Festival Hair Glitter

festival glitter roots makeup

Not feeling glitter on your face? Try some glitter hair roots for a diff way to style festival glitter! Go for fishtail plaits, space buns or even a slicked back pony as your base. Use hairspray or some hand sanitiser mixed with glue to keep your glitter in place and pat down the side of your hairline. We love a mix of chunky and fine glitter, choose a shade that contrasts with your hair colour like blue or purple with blonde or orange or pink with brunette hair. Complete the look with a sassy hair flip to perfect festi styling.

Headed to a festival and need an outfit that goes with that glitter you’ve been planning? Hit our festival section here, girl!


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