6 Series To Watch On Your Next Netflix Binge

Sometimes, all you wanna’ do on the weekend is get the girls together or stay in with your other half and have a massive netflix binge. You’ve been workin’ that 9-5 grind all week, and the thought of braving the shops and the massive queues just isn’t on the cards. The only reasonable answer? Netflix binge, duh! If you think you’ve exhausted every option possible, here’s some suggestions for your next netflix binge, just grab the popcorn and wine, get comfy in your pj’s and make the couch your home for the next 10+ hours (we won’t judge).

Stranger Things

Investigating the disappearance of Will Byers in November 1983, the sci-fi horror Stranger Things, is a netflix must watch! Opening up a portal to the upside down, the series focuses on Will’s family, friends and the towns police chief’s search to find him. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious stranger who seems to be anything but normal…
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Dead To Me

If you’ve got a dark sense of humour, then you need to add Dead To Me to your watchlist ASAP! A newly widowed mum finds herself a new crazy bff that’s hiding a twisted, dark secret. Featuring a star studded cast with Christina Applegate, James Marsden and Linda Cardellini, this dark comedy with frequent plot twists, will leave you speechless (but in a good way).
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What would you do for love? Hopeless romantic Joe would do just about anything, and we mean, anything. Using all means necessary, Joe forces his path to continuously cross with writer Beck, while making sure any obstacle that stands in his way is dealt with, quickly. This amaze psychological thriller will leave you wanting more and questioning just what love really means.
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Santa Clarita Diet

Is happily ever after really forever? For married realtors Sheila and Joel, sh*t just got real. Their world unexpectedly goes down hill when Sheila goes through a dramatic AF transformation that sends her down a road of death, destruction and drama, but makes her look and feel better than ever before!
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Good Girls

A group of mums meet in unusual circumstances trying to tackle everyday life while struggling to make ends meet. This OTT show is amaze for a bunch of laughs, girly chat, life lessons and the consequences of when things go wrong and you get in waaaaaaaay above your head.
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Big Mouth

Going through puberty isn’t easy but what if you had a hormone monster along the way to help guide you through (and sometimes force you into) all those awkward experiences? Well, that’s exactly what Big Mouth does. Full of laughs, cringe and friendship, Big Mouth makes you revisit alllllll the things you hated about puberty.
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So, grab the popcorn, get the speakers blurring and get ready to binge the best series on Netflix RN! From a sci-fi horror, to dark comedy and a coming of age cartoon, we hope this list has given you some serious ‘flix inspo. We know what we’re doing this weekend!

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