4 Festival Hair Ideas You Need To Try ASAP

It’s day two of the festival, the heavens opened the night before, and combined with the humidity of your tent, it’s fair to say your hair is looking a little on the wild side. Without access to hair care products or straighteners, you’re in desperate need of some DIY festival hair ideas, right? We’re here to help, babe. With four festival hair ideas that require zero maintenance and can be styled within minutes, you can spend the day dancing with your friends and seeing your fave’ artists without the worry of frizzy hair. 

Whether you’re off to Reading festival, Leeds festival or Parklife, you need to try our festival hair ideas, asap

Festival Hair Glitter 

The one thing about UK festivals is, you can almost certainly guarantee that at some point over the weekend, it will rain. Que greasy hair! If you’re worried about torrential rain ruining the best efforts of your GHD’s, then festival hair glitter is your go-to. Simply apply any colour of glitter (or them all) to the parting of your braids or throughout your ponytail. The best festival hair idea for covering up greasy hair, we’re predicting some cute festival pictures for you Instagram.

Festival Hair Braids 

The lord and savior of festival hairstyles, braids are our go-to when it comes to keeping your festival aesthetic in check despite the weather, sweat, and tears (of joy). Whether it’s french plaits, cute braids at the front, or you want to braid through some accessories, festival hair braids will have you looking the part. Come rain or shine, you can secure your place as best dressed babe at every festival this summer when you go for festival hair braids. Need some help creating unforgettable festival hair braids? Our collection of hair extensions will help you do just that.

Festival Hair Accessories

If you’ve ever been to a camping festival then you’re well aware that you’ll more than likely wake up the next day with hair that resembles Edward Scissor Hands. If it’s too hot to wear a bucket hat, then why not grab some festival hair accessories like noughties style butterfly clips for a cute festival hair idea? A go-to for concealing greasy hair towards the end of the festival weekend, add them to the parting off your braids for a major festival hair upgrade.


Easy Festival Hair

Wanna bring it back to basics and go for an easy festival hairdo? Go for a classic high ponytail with the final touch of a colorful scrunchie, or top off your space buns with alternating colored scrunchies. Whether you want to match them with your outfit or go a little rogue on the color scheme, a festival is the place to go all out. Score yourself an easy festival hairstyle when you shop our collection of scrunchies.

You’ve secured your tickets, packed your bags and festival outfits, and now you can officially get ready to dance the day away!

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