5 Self Care Books You Need In Your Life

Lets talk self care books! Taking care of yourself has never been more important and we’re here to steer you in the right direction. The need to prioritise self care, focus on personal growth and practice mindfulness doesn't always come naturally to us, so why not get inspired with a self care book? If you have struggled with being positive or productive recently there is the little book of self care out there for you. Choose from one of our hand-picked books and thank us later! Most people feel the effects of stress and anxiety at some point in their life and everyone copes with this differently, there's no manual! With a face mask on, cosy loungewear, a cup of tea and a good self care book, you’re sure to give yourself a boost. The amount of self care books available can be overwhelming, but once you find the right one, your outlook on life will improve. Browse through our compilation of the best self care books going and embrace the new more positive you!

Chidera Eggerue-What a Time to be Alone: The Slumflower's Guide to Why You Are Already Enough

Been through a toxic relationship? This book is all about celebrating your self worth and how to avoid a damaging relationship. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this then Chidera Eggerue is the self care book guru for you. Eggerue will make you feel empowered and give you the guidance and confidence to take on your next relationship. Chidera’s self care book describes how we can all choose our own fate by focusing on our self worth and avoiding other people’s demons. 

Florence Given- Women Don't Owe You Pretty

Florence Given is rocking the Instagram world and also the book shelves. This power-house female holds the feminist self care book for you. If you have ever struggled with body-image, beauty standards and experienced misogyny this could be the best self care book for your library. If you're looking for an intriguing leap into feminism then start with this self care book. Given fights the societal structure of women being too much or not enough, and will allow you to view yourself under a different lens. 

Matt Haig- The Comfort Book

Feeling philosophical? This book is grounding and focuses on hope, survival and the unique wonder of life. If you feel like you need a new view on life, this comforting self care book will allow you to take a step back and acknowledge there’s more to life than the daily hustle and bustle. Haig, focuses on the inspirational lives of other people, and the complexity of living and how we can best celebrate it. This is the best self care book to give you the barebones of self-care and emotional resilience that you need to carry you through life!

Jayne Hardy- The Self-Care Project: How to let go of frazzle and make time for you

If you're the type of person who just needs a straight forward manual to help guide you through life, (Yes please!) then this is the self care book for you. If you've felt overwhelmed, stressed and have ever experienced ill health then this little book of self care will combat what self-care means for you, and help you discover your own personal obstacles and how to overcome them. 

Gill Hasson- Mindfulness: Be mindful. Live in the Moment.

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Mindfulness: the biggest buzzword ATM, but what is it? Being mindful is to live in the moment as too often life races by without taking a minute to absorb it. This mindfulness self care book is jam packed with ideas, tips and techniques to step into a more mindful lifestyle. Benefits of mindfulness include more positive ways of thinking, and creating a higher self awareness. Hasson’s is the best self care book if you’re looking to live more in the moment!

Get ready to discover a new side to yourself when you read one of our self care book recommendations and shop our collection of self care beauty products. 

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