4 Tips On How To Use Your Summer For The Best Self Care

Lets face it, millennial life can be hella’ hard. You and the girls are all off doing different stuff and it’s near impossible to get all of you together, uni work is looming or (if you’re lucky enough to be a real adult, woo) your boss wants that report on his desk by 12 and it’s 11:59 and you’re still not done. Basically, life can be a hugh sh*t show sometimes and we’re all just tryna’ get by. If you feel like you’re counting down the days in your 9-5 grind for your summer vacay, we’ve got the best self care tips to make everyday feel like summer.

Block Out The Haters

If all you’re seeing is negativity scrolling through your feed, then the best thing to do is unfollow, delete, block. If you’re looking to be the best version of yourself, the last thing you need is uninspiring people on your feed! Be the best version of yourself and follow the people who inspire you the most!
Blocking Out The Haters

Reflect and Refresh

According to statistcs 44% of millennials said they were stressed out at, and over, work. Being away from work can give you the chance to figure out what exactly has been stressing you the f out, and an even bigger chance to recharge and destress. Whether you’ve become overwhelmed by your studies, exhausted with your friendship or unhappy in your relationship, having time out to reflect on situations is the best refresh.
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Wardrobe Upgrade

Having a good declutter can be an instant mood refresher and have a super positive impact on your mental health. Chuck out all those old clothes you don’t wear anymore (but promise you will, one day) and totally revamp your look! Check out some of out fire ‘fits on the New In Page for some serious outfit inspo!
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Stop Comparing

As simple as it sounds, comparing yourself to other people is super damaging to the way we perceive ourselves! We know it’s super hard when all you see is bikini clad models down your feed, but stop feeling envious and instead, write down all the things you love about yourself and what make you, you!
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Putting self-care at the top of your summer list is an essential this season to totally improve your confidence, happiness and self love. You got this, babe!

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