5 Cheap Perfumes That Smell Like Designer!

With Christmas coming up and party season just round the corner, it’s time to start grabbing those fragrance gift sets and securing that signature scent for your office Christmas party (‘cos you’re gonna need a lil help seducing your office crush after a few too many proseccos). There are so many fire scents on the shelves this year, but these can come at a srsly hefty cost. If you’ve headed over to the perfume counters and received a lil bit of a scare after checking the price tag (cue the “I’ll have to think about it” speech to the salesperson), don’t stress babe, we’ve got you. We’ve found 10 of the very best cheap perfume that smells like designer. Whether you’re all about fruity fresh feels, or you’re looking to up the drama with a rich, oriental scent, these cheap perfume dupes are a must have! So forget spending hundreds, stock up on these cheap perfumes that smell good and will help you stack those savings.

Inspired By Mademoiselle Perfume 50ml - £12.99

Smells Like Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle 50ml - £77.00

Sold out

Whether it’s a glam pressie you’re after for your mum or sis, or you just fancy being extra AF and upgrading your fragrance collection, we heart the Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. At £77.00 a bottle, it’s deffo on the spenny side, though! Meet this Inspired By Mademoiselle perfume, with With a floral, musky fragrance that has notes of orange, jasmine and rose, it’s the glam, girly spray that’s perf or all your parties this season. This is the best cheap perfume to have as an everyday staple, too, the fresh floral accents make it totally wearable in the day or night time.

Inspired By Aventus Perfume - £12.99

Smells Like Creed - Aventus For Her 50ml - £245.00

Sold out

Nothing says luxury perfume like Creed! A true Christmas gift fave and an all-year-round gorge scent, we’re obsessed with Aventus For Her, but the price tag is a little less sweet, coming in ata cool £245 for a 50ml bottle. Not feelin' forking out all those pounds? We can’t get enough of this Inspired By Aventus perfume, at just £14.99, it contains all the key notes of the famous fragrance, without the high end cost. With a fruity, floral fragrance that has notes of apple, pink pepper, bergamont, rose, musk and ylang ylang, you won’t be able to tell the difference, girl!

Inspired By F Fabulous Perfume - £21.99

Smells Like Tom Ford - F Fabulous 50ml - £218.00

Sold out

It's a scent that can only be described by its name - f****** fabulous! We can't help but love this Tom Ford fragrance. Featuring almond, tonka bean, leather and sage, it's a unique scent that'll easily make its way to the top of your Christmas list. As with many of Tom F's fragrances, though, it's super expensive. Coming in at over £200 for 50ml, it's a pricey, pricey perfume. When it comes to cheap perfumes that smell like expensive ones, you can't beat Inspired By F Fabulous, it has all the killer key notes of the real deal and uses oils from the same factory. Yep, it's also pretty f****** fabulous!

Inspired By Black Orchid Perfume - £21.99

Smells Like Tom Ford - Black Orchid 50 ml - £83.00

Sold out

Unless you've been livin' under a rock recently, you've probably smelt Tom Ford's Black Orchid scent. This luxe fragrance packs a strong punch and will get you tons of compliments in the girls toilets on your next night out! With a blend of black truffle, blackcurrant, incense and of course, black orchid! If you're put off by the price, we feel you, babe. We LOVE this perfume copy, it's the ultimate dupe for Black Orchid and will make this year your best smelling yet.

Inspired By Neroli Portofino Perfume - £21.99

Smells Like Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino 50 ml - £85.00

Sold out

Our final perfume dupe is a fresh, citrusy scent that is perf for your day-to-day schedule. Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino is like summer in a bottle, so even when it's snowing outside you can spritz it on and shut your eyes to relive your summer memories. With notes of lemon, lavender, neroli and bergamot, it'll have you booking a holiday for next year in no time! Don't fancy splashing out £85 on a bottle of this perfume? The best cheap perfume dupe that we can recommend for this scent is the Inspired By Neroli Portofino 50ml fragrance. With all the same notes as the famous N.P, it's an add-to-bag must have.

Now you're totally clued up on the best cheap perfumes that smell like designer dupes. Your fragrance wardrobe just got a serious upgrade, boo! Shop the full collection below and let us know your thoughts on the 'gram.

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