Christmas Films On Netflix That Will Acc Make You Wanna Stay In This Weekend

Need something to make you stay in and save your money this W19? Cuddle up on the couch in your cosy comfies and put your fave netflix Christmas films on (don’t forget the snacks). Make sure you’re ready for ultimate Christmas film hibernation by reading on to find out all the best Christmas films to watch on Netflix this year.

The Knight Before Christmas

Knight Before Christmas Gif

One of our fave Christmas films on netflix atm is The Knight Before Christmas. Get your hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows ready as we take it way back and watch our childhood girl crush star in the best Christmas film on netflix 2019. Our, babe, Vanessa Hudgens is playing a highschool teacher disillusioned by love as a medieval knight falls in love with her, if you love a rom com, this film is 100% made for you.

The Nativity

Nativity Gif

Need a Christmas film you know you’re gonna love? Stick with what you know and watch the The Nativity for the 100th time, girl, this is a Christmas film on netflix you know you will never get bored of. Get your fluffy pyjamas on, make a cocoon out of your fave blanket, turn the lights off and grab your fave selection box. This feel good film will leave you in a good mood for the rest of the season, watch as the UK school play goes over the pond to to the big city of hollywood. With a happy ending that will lift your spirits when it’s cold outside.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Grinch Gif

Stick to your classic Christmas films and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on netflix this winter. This has to be one of our ultimate all time faves. Watch the Grinch rob Whoville of Christmas while you tuck into your fave festive snacks.

A Bad Moms Christmas

Bad Moms Gif

This netflix film is a bit different to your usual Christmas film, switch it up with a film that will keep you laughing all night. This is defo gonna be your next go-to Christmas film, the usual bad mums are stressed out as their mums arrive for Christmas. Starring our girl Mila Kunis, you might even get some style inspo while watching this flick.

Now you know the best Christmas films on Netflix, it’s time to swap your heels for slippers and your G&T for a big mug of tea and enjoy some winter nights in.

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