5 Easy Hairstyles For Work

Back to the office? Say heyyy to our 5 easy hairstyles for work! After a long year of WFH (we aren’t complaining too much), it’s finally time to set your alarm and get back on that grind. If you’re anything like us, the last year consisted of working from bed, cosy loungewear and tying your hair up in a bun everyday. Now that we actually have to see people, we thought we would bring you 5 easy hairstyles for work to help make your morning (and hair) a lil’ smoother. These easy hairstyles for work take minimal effort but will have maximum impact when it comes to how you look. Get ready to slay hard every day of the week with these 5 easy hairstyles for work!


Easy Curly Hairstyles For Work 

Zendaya with curls? yes, please!

If you’ve been blessed with luscious curly locks then first of all, we are extremely jel. Luckily for you, the options for easy curly hairstyles for work are endless. However, if you’re looking for something super quick then we are loving a half up half down moment right now. Whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, this easy hairstyle for work only takes just a few minutes but will have you slayin’ hard all day long. We are loving Zendaya’s half up half down style, a go-to for all you curly head gals. When it comes to your easy curly hairstyles for work game, you’ll be winnin’ with this up do!


Quick And Easy Up Do Hairstyles For Work 

We are totally here for a Bella Hadid hair clip moment

If you work in hospitality or retail then you probably want a quick and easy up do hairstyle for work, and nothing does it better than a claw clip. This trendy accessory has been making waves across social media platforms and will have you scoring all the likes on Insta’ when you pose with your hair clipped up in one of these handbag must-haves. Whether you wanna tie all your hair up or leave it half up half down, you’ll be in love with this easy hairstyle for work as soon as you try it. Match a claw clip to your ‘fit and get that coordination on point, babe! From Bella Hadid to Hailey Bieber, this trendy up-do is one of the best quick and easy hairstyles for work,


Easy Work Hairstyles For Long Hair

Nobody does a ponytail plait better than Kimmy K

Long hair looks stunnin’ but can be quite hard to handle, especially when you want an easy hairstyle for work to do in the morning. We are loving a high ponytail with either a fishnet plait or regular plait, a super chic look that only takes a few minutes to do. Whether you just wanna look good in the office or need an easy hairstyle for work that will also look good for after work drinks, this hairstyle will be your new fave’. If you’re lookin’ for cute hairstyles for work, consider your new go-to found. 


Easy Bun Hairstyles For Work

The classic Molly-Mae bun

If there is one thing that us girls can all agree on then it’s that nothing beats a simple easy bun hairstyle for work. A super quick option that also works a treat for greasy hair, an easy bun hairstyle for work definitely saves the day when you’re having one of those CBA mornings. Go for a super sleek look when you gel your hair back into a Molly-Mae style bun or go for that messy bun look when you leave down your bangs and tie your hair loosely, the choice is yours, boo. Stay one stead ahead of the crowd with this easy bun hairstyle for work. 


Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For Work

BRIT's winner Griff slaying the bubble ponytail trend

Nothing does it better than classic easy ponytail hairstyles for work, a go-to option that will work for both your 9 to 5 and evening plans. We are currently loving the bubble ponytail trend, a stunnin’ option whether your hair is long or short and all you need is small elastic bands! Starting off with a traditional ponytail, either high or low, followed by sectioning off your ponytail with equal amounts of space with elastic bands, this easy ponytail hairstyle for work is completed in moments and will be your new fave.’ Get ready for all the compliments when you go for this quick and easy up do hairstyle for work! 

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Now that you know our 5 easy hairstyles for work, get ready to have a good hair day every day of the week! 


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