The Best Fake Tan For A Hot Girl Summer Glow-up

After a year of being indoors and confined to the not-so-sunny borders of the U.K, our skin is lookin’ a lil’ bit, er, pasty. However, as always we are fully prepared and are bringing you an exclusive list of the best fake tan for a hot girl summer glow-up. After all, we all deserve to look like a glowing goddess after the year we’ve had, right? Whether you’re looking for the best fake tan for your face for an all year round glow-up, wanna make your legs look like they’ve had a touch of Vitamin D even though you spend all your time in joggers, or want to find the best fake tan for pale skin because the sun automatically makes you burn, we’ll help you find the best fake tan to match exactly what you’re looking for. 

Best Fake Tan For Face 

When it comes to adding fake tan to your face, for a lot of us gals it is often a no go zone. Whether it’s an orange face you're scared of or the unwanted highlighting of your tash, finding the best fake tan for the face can be quite difficult. We recommend Isle Of Paradise, the first colour correcting self tanning product that is also 100% vegan, safe for both your skin and animals. This unique self tanning product will quickly become a must-have in your beauty cabinet! 

Best Fake Tan For Legs 

Give your pins the ultimate glow up this summer with the best fake tan for legs. Our fave’ product for 2021 is Bondi Sands, a favourite among influencers and celebrities. Giving your skin a rich tone, you can get the ultimate Californian golden tan all from this lil’ bottle of self-tanning goodness. Perfect for wearing with one of our pieces from our skirts collection, secure your place as the best tanned babe wherever you go this summer. If you’re looking for a cheaper option then St Moriz Self Tan is our go-to and can be found in your local store or pharmacy. We’re obsessed with the St Moriz self-tanning mitt, the best way to apply tan for sure!  When it comes to the best fake tan for legs or the best fake tan mousse, Bondi Sands and St Moriz are both100% God tier. 

Best Fake Tan For Pale Skin 

Save yourself from those orange undertones and opt for Garnier Summer Body Tanning Lotion, the best fake tan for pale skin. A moisturiser with a built in skin tint, this product gives your skin a natural and subtle glow and comes in different shades which is perfect for those of you with a lighter skin tone. Trying to find the best fake tan for pale skin can be trial and error, but one layer of Garnier’s Summer Body Light shade and you’ll have a soft and radiant glow! This product is also the best fake tan for dry skin as it is moisturising and nourishing, leaving you stunnin’ and streak free. Now you don't have to be the pasty one in the friend group!

Best Natural Fake Tan 

Looking for a natural self tanning product that looks like second skin on you? Our recommendation for the best natural fake tan is Dove Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tan Body Lotion, a lightweight lotion that hydrates your skin and leaves you looking illuminated and healthy. Whether you want a base tan before you jet off to a hot destination or you simply want to give your skin some TLC, Dove is the best natural fake tan that comes in different shades to match your skin tone.  

Now when your squad asks you what’s the best fake tan to use, you’ll be the one with all the deets! Shop our fake tan collection and make sure you are preened and prepped with our range of the best fake tan just in time for hot girl summer.

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