5 of Our Fave Rachel McAdams Films

It's Rachel McAdam's birthday and we owe her a lot for giving us some of our favourite movies to date, from Mean Girls to The Notebook she continues to deliver. Not only is she a screen queen but also a noughties fashion icon, and we love her for it. We have collated some of our top rated Rachel McAdams films for you to choose from for this weekend cosied up on the couch in your best pair of joggers and hot choc ready to delve into a movie marathon. 

Mean Girls

To get things started, not only is this our fave Rachel McAdams film but we think it could possibly be THE best chick flick of all time. Starring as Regina George she's given us countless memorable lines that have crept their way into our vocab... btw on Wednesdays we wear pink. Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls is bad ass girl vibes not to mention a winner for a cosy Friday night in.

The Notebook

Ok grab the box of tissues cos this is gonna be emosh. An absolute winning Rachel McAdams movie featuring Ryan Gosling, this pair are to die for and we absolutely love them together in this. A tear jerker but a must see, if you haven’t already seen this then idk where you've been?

About Time

Another emotional roller coaster, about a husband with the ability to time travel who keeps going back in time and changing events in his life which end up having catastrophic consequences. This Rachel McAdams film is perfectly executed, with her playing Mary, Tims wife. It's an emotional watch, get those tissues (again) and a tub of ice cream. 

The Vow

Featuring Channing Tatum, need I say more? When Paige is involved with an accident she forgets who her husband is and Leo has to pull out all the stops to try and make her fall in love with her again. A classic romantic drama that you need on your agenda for this weekend on the sofa.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Not to be confused with About Time, this film is about Henry who cannot control his time travelling abilities, which take a toll on his relationship with Clare (Rachel McAdams). Another emotional watch for those evenings when you’re feeling like a sob. Get those bed socks on and tuck into a pizza, we got the films sorted girl!

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