The Ultimate Guide to the Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas markets are back on and here at Femme Luxe, we are beyond excited! What could be better than grabbing a hot chocolate, ice skating, and dressing in your favourite winter jumper with your gal pals, or on a cute first date?! Below we look at the best places to visit at the Manchester Christmas markets 2021, including the best things to do, how to get there, and where all the stalls are located.  

Where are the Manchester Christmas Markets?

Manchester Christmas markets are usually located in Albert’s Square but as there are works going on there, the markets are located across the centre. This is a great way to explore the city centre, and get some Christmas shopping done at the same time. Manchester Christmas markets 2021 are located at:

  • King Street
  • St Ann’s Square
  • New Cathedral Street
  • Exchange Quay
  • Market Street
  • Cathedral Gardens
  • Piccadilly Gardens

When do Manchester Christmas Markets Start?

Good news girl, Manchester Christmas markets 2021 have already started! This year they run from 12th of November all the way to the 22nd of December, meaning you have plenty of time to enjoy them. Most stalls open around 10am and close at 9pm, so even if you work until 6pm you can still go and grab a mulled wine after work with your mates. If that wasn’t long enough for you, there is also a winter market located in Piccadilly Gardens. This is open until 3rd of January, so there is no excuse to miss them!

What is the Best Way to Get to Manchester Christmas Markets?

Manchester has great transport links, meaning getting to the Manchester Christmas markets 2021 is super simple. If you are not from the city, Google Maps is your best friend here. Many people start the markets in Piccadilly Gardens and whether you get a train, tram, or bus, you can get off here. The rest of the stalls can be walked to, and there is even a free city centre bus from Piccadilly train station if the weather is rubbish. If you don’t fancy public transport, there is always Uber! 

Ice Skating at Manchester Christmas Markets

If you fancy making the most of the Manchester Christmas markets, there are a few cute places for ice skating Manchester Christmas markets has to offer. One of the must-go places is Winter Island, which is located in Mayfield Depot. This is also home to WHP, for all you ravers out there. This has been tagged as the most boutique ice skating experience this year. There is also Skate Manchester, which is at Cathedral Gardens. There are plenty of stalls nearby this rink, if you want to grab a hot chocolate to warm up after being on the ice. If you want an excuse to get up close and personal or impress your date, helping each other find your feet on the ice is the perfect icebreaker.  

Food and Drink at Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas markets have some of the best foods from all over Europe. Whether you fancy a famous yorkshire pudding wrap, or you’re a sweet tooth and fancy a mini Dutch waffle, you are bound to find the right treat for you. There are also stalls that sell food and drink for you to take home, from local cheeses (because cheese is life, right?) to toffee vodka to warm you up on a cold winter night. As far as drinks are concerned, you won’t be disappointed. There are delicious hot chocolates, which can be made alcoholic with a shot of Baileys (we personally recommend this one!) or a mulled wine. There is even a gin bar, with over 100 varieties of gins for you to try! The German bar village is a great place to visit too. 

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