5 Reasons We Are Crushing Over Peggy Gou

In a male dominated industry, South Korean DJ Peggy Gou is paving the way for us gals, and we are crushing hard over her right now. From her dancefloor filler tunes, her statement tattoos and of course her amazing style, Peggy Gou is one babe we definitely want in our friendship group. With festival season looking like it’s going to be on the cards this year, why not pay some respect to the number one babe of the dancefloor? Here are 5 reasons we are crushing over Peggy Gou!

 Who Is Peggy Gou?

A South Korean, Berlin based DJ, Peggy Gou studied fashion at the London College Of Fashion and worked as the London correspondent for Harper’s Bazaar Korea. I mean, who has a job in fashion and as a DJ? Taught by a friend how to DJ in Korea, Peggy Gou had her first gug in Soho, and when she moved to Berlin she kick-started her name in the game. We love a boss babe! 

Peggy Gou Tattoos 

Hitting up your local parlour and your number on inspo’ is Peggy Gou tattoos? We feel you, girl. Known for her many tattoos, her inked up arms add to her statement style and bold look. Our fave’ Peggy Gou tattoos are her bumble bee on her arm or her peace sign, both cute AF if you’re looking for a more minimalistic tattoo. Feeling inspired? Check out her Instagram for some major Peggy Gou tattoo inspo!

Peggy Gou Starry Night 

If there is one song that will get us well and truly ready for festival season this summer, then Peggy Gou Starry Night is the one. We have been obsessed with this tune since it came out, and cannot wait to get the glitter and bum bags at the ready to dance the day away with our besties at Parklife or Warehouse Project this year! Checkout our Summer Anthems playlist on Spotify where you can listen to Peggy Gou Starry NIght on repeat! 

Peggy Gou Merch 

Wanna get your hands on some Peggy Gou merch? Lucky for you this mega babe has her own merch line called Peggy Goods that you can find over on Instagram. Each drop is different, with the Peggy Gou merch reflecting the DJ superstars own style and branding. From cute AF vests, groovy bucket hats and edgy jumpers, you can secure your place as best dressed babe wherever you go when you rock some Peggy Gou merch. 

Peggy Clothing 

Need some style inspo’? Nothing does it better than some Peggy Gou inspired clothing, a go-to for all the raves and festivals you’ve got lined up this summer. From her laidback looks to chic ensembles, Peggy Gou is one of the most stylish huns in the game. Our Rave collection will help you get your hands on the best Peggy Gou inspired clothing to add to your ‘drobe!

Wanna see Peggy Gou live this year? Catch her at Warehouse Project on Saturday 25th September. Get ready to get your groove on!


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