The Best Job Sites To Kickstart Your Post-Uni Career

You’ve finally handed in your dissertation, packed up your uni bedroom, and said goodbye to your course mates, now all that’s left to do is to find a job. No idea where to start, right? If you want to kickstart your post-uni career then knowing the best job sites is essential for securing your first big gal job after you graduate. Whether it’s your dream career, a casual job to tie you over so you can save for travelling, or you simply need some inspo’, we’ve put together a list of the best job sites for you to use. Go get it, girl!


Linkedin is a platform that has a similar layout to all your fave’ social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, but instead of posting selfies and pictures of your breakfast, it is strictly business. Linkedin is one of the best job sites for finding a job fresh out of university, as most businesses and recruiters use it to find fresh talent or grad students. With the option to add all of your past experiences to your profile and display what field of work you wish to find a job in, hunting for a job has never been easier or more convenient. However, although Linkedin is one of the job sites for professionals, if you want to find a job in hospitality or retail, then this isn’t the site for you.


Whether you fancy trying your hand at being a barista or want to kickstart your career in the fashion industry, Indeed is one of the best job sites for finding any kind of job after university. Not everyone wants to get stuck right into a 9-5 after they graduate, and Indeed is definitely one of the best job sites to apply to if you want different options. If you need some help sprucing up your CV then Indeed also has tools to help you create the perf’ resume for securing the bag. You go, boo!


Totaljobs is one of the best job sites in the UK, with thousands of new jobs listed everyday. Whether it’s washing hair at your local salon, a creative job at an advertising agency, or a dog walker vacancy (the best job in the world), Totaljobs prides itself on matching you with a job that matches your lifestyle. All the best online job sites are designed to make sure that you are earning some well earned income right after uni. Say goodbye to the days of student living, and hello to hard earned cocktails and retail therapy! 


Reed is one of the best online job sites used in the UK, especially if you’re looking to start your post uni career asap. Recruiters and consultants who work for Reed can help you give your CV a makeover and find a job that you will love waking up for everyday! Get your morning coffee at the ready, ‘cos you’re about to secure your first job when you use one of the best sites for jobs for graduates. 

So you’ve scrolled through all the best sites for jobs, applied for your dream role, and now you want to make sure your work wardrobe is on point? Shop our workwear collection. Whether you are looking for something casual or wanna go for those boss babe vibes, then we’ve got you sorted, babe. 

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