5 Things To Expect When You First Start Uni

All ready to start uni in September? You've probably already done your Ikea trip with your parents and bought 10 saucepans, 21 towels and 14 pillows. No matter how many mugs or plates you've got, nothing can prepare you for the uni lifestyle. Don't stress it though, that's why we're here! Here are our 5 things to expect for when you first start uni.


Going out every night, lack of sleep and mingling with new people will have you feeling and looking like a bunged up mess. You can't avoid fresher's flu, just stay hydrated, rest up between lectures and have those lemsips at the ready, girl!


There is no harm in blowing a lot of your money during the first couple of weeks of freshers. After all, you need to socialise and make friends! However, once you've settle in you will need to set some good money managing habits. Student loans hardly cover your rent, never mind your weekly necessities so money will be tight! Firstly, get all of your main expenses such as rent, food and book out of the way and then work our how much money you have to blow on nights out and a new wardrobe.


Socialise, socialise and socialise! University can be a really lonely place, so make as many friends as possible. There will no doubt be social events coming at you left, right and centre but there is no harm in attending them. Get involved and get to the know the people you're living with too - you might just make life long friends!


If you're living in halls, you will come across all sorts of people who live completely different to you. Their idea of 'clean' may be totally different to yours. Honestly, it's not worth falling out over who needs to sweep the floor or do the dishes. Trust us. Try to bring the peace in the house hold and keep the good vibes flowing.


Self-care is so important! A new environment with different people can really take its toll on you. Some people find it harder to adjust than others and that's totally fine! Feelin' homesick? Book the next train home and take time out. Feel like you're not settling in very well? Take a trip to your uni's wellbeing centre and see what options that can offer you. It's important to look after yourself so stay on track, get your degree and enjoy your time at uni!

Goodluck, babe!

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