Your Starting Uni Survival Guide

So you’re starting uni soon and a few steps away from becoming a fully fledged student. You’re probs putting together that starting university checklist and sorting all those last min bits before you get your offish student status. Freaking out a lil? That’s totally normal! Check out our starting uni survival guide for help on how to nail student living.

University Shopping List


Every first year uni student has super long list of ‘essentials’ that they need to buy before heading off to halls for the first time. Cue a very big IKEA haul. Make sure that you remember the actual essentials, like a saucepan and cutlery before getting too excited over fancy duvet covers and forgetting those basics. Make a list of all the bits you need to buy (get some inspo by walking round your parents house) and don’t get tempted into buying boujee things, chances are you’ll break ‘em when coming home after a big uni night out. Don’t forget all those annoying items that you’ve gotta buy for yourself in the real adult world, toilet paper and washing up liquid? Boring, but necessary.

Freshers Flu Survival Kit

freshers flu

The famous freshers flu is real, soz guys. Make sure you’re armed and ready to defend against the germs with a freshers flu survival kit, this is a must-have on your university checklist. We recommend hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and tons of paracetamol, which doubles as a lifesaver the day after you get paralytic. Give your immune system some love by taking a multivitamin and getting some veggies or a green smoothie down you, your organs will thank you.

Living With New People

living with new people

If you’re freaking TF out about living with total strangers, we understand, babe. It can be a lil awks at first, but try to get to know the people you’re living with. Whether it’s uni halls, private halls, or a shared house, make an effort to get to know everyone in your new pad. There are bound to be arguments over who takes the bin out and who’s turn it is to do the washing up, so be that b*tch and go ahead and make a cleaning rota, everyone will thank you in the long run. Who knows, you could end up lovin’ ‘em and find friends that last longer than freshers.

Be A Social Butterfly

socialising at university

Uni is a great way to make friends and memories for life, so go ahead and get out of that shell, girl and get your socialise on! Not sure where to start? Visit your local freshers fair to sign up to societies and sports clubs. Head to your student union and strike up a convo at the bar, get into club promoting or introducing yourself to people after a couple of drinks at a uni halls party. It may seem scary at first, but remember that everyone is in the same boat.

Live That Lecture Life

elle woods

Okay, so one part of uni life that you definitely shouldn’t forget about is the fact that you do actually have to study. Bribe yourself to go in and slay those lectures by investing in some super cute stationery. Go for edgy marble and metallic vibes or channel Elle Woods and go for a pink notebook and fluffy pen. Get yourself a coffee loyalty card for the days when you’re running on 1 hours sleep and remind yourself that this is what you’re payin’ for, girl!

Ready, Steady, Cook

cooking at uni

So week 1 of uni we’ll totally let you off if it’s all takeaways and no veg. However, keep this up for the whole of your first term and your face is gonna be resembling that 3am pizza you just keep on gettin’ on your way back to halls, not to mention the fact that your student loan will start running out v. quickly. Get your parents to show you how to cook some basic meals (spag bol ofc) before you fly the nest, or watch some YouTube cooking tutorials to impress your new housemates with your culinary skills. Your body and bank balance will totes thank you for it.

Can’t wait to start? Make sure you’re fully prepped for the start of term with our student collection, show us your student style on the ‘gram with the #luxegal hashtag.

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