8 Stages Of A Girl’s Night Out

Thank god, it’s finally the weekend which can only mean one thing. It’s time to get drunk! Get the girls together, find the cheapest alcohol possible and head out to your fave clubs for a night full of drinking, dancing and pics after pics after pics!

The ‘What You Wearing’ Text

So, you’ve planned a girls night out, but, shock! You’ve left your outfit planning to the last min, as per. It’s time for an epic text to the group chat to see whether everyone’s feeling a ‘jeans and a nice top’ vibe or wanna’ be extra AF and glam up for a change. Fingers crossed they reply quick before it’s time for a breakdown.

The Get Ready Together

As a tradition for every girl’s night out, it’s obvs you’re all gonna’ have to get ready together! The music is blasting, everyone’s trying to hog one mirror, someone’s burnt themselves on the curler, there’s been at least seven outfit changes (already) and someone’s already having a meltdown over a falsies crisis. It’s gonna be a loooooooooong night, sigh.
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The Meltdown

All your babes look on point but, what a shock! Your eyelash is half hanging off and the outfit you’ve had envisioned in your mind hasn’t come together the way you wanted it to at all. Queue 10 outfit changes later and NOTHING. LOOKS. RIGHT. It’s back to square one, but at least the clubs’ gonna be dark, right?
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The ‘Time For Shots’

The night is finally about to start and what better way to begin as you mean to go on with shots! So, turn the music up, get the glasses out and get ready to down in 3, 2, 1…
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The Photoshoot

You’ve spent hours getting ready making sure your makeup is poppin’ and your outfit is on point, so what’s next? Obvs it’s time to fill your camera roll with hundreds of group shots, selfies and individual pics! Just be sure to only post the pics when you’re 100% sober to avoid any arguments and insta’ disasters.
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The Pre’s

With all the photos done and everyone looking their best, it's time to get the night in full swing. You’ve already done the shots (although some of your friends are still going), music is blasting and finally it’s time for drinking games! A classic game of Never Have I Ever (even though you know each other too well, but it’s a good excuse to embarrass everyone) and Ring Of Fire is on the cards and it’s time to pour your drink 80% alcohol and 20% mixer.
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The Taxi’s Here

Even though the taxi’s been pre-booked for ages, no one is ready when it arrives! You’ve got one friend crying over her ex, someone’s just ran to the bathroom, someone’s lost their ID and it’s a mad rush to down the drink you’ve legit just poured but yet, somehow, you all still seem to make it there in one piece (just about).
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The Arrival

Congrats! You’ve actually managed to make it to the club but now you’ve got to brave the mile long queue stood outside waiting to get in. As soon as you get in it’s time to make a bee-line for the bar and dance the night away with your girl squad!
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Get your girls together, and dance the night away, babe!
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