The 8 Stages Of A Girl’s Holiday

Yassss girl, it's holiday time! If you're headed off on your hols this summer, you'll totally relate to these 8 stages of every girls hol.



It’s offish, you’ve touched down at the airport and the excitement has well and truly kicked in! You and your squad wheel your cases to the check in desk and pose for a quick airport group selfie before the madness begins. After the disappointment of realising you’re in the worst terminal and a panic as one of your gals thinks she’s forgotten her passport, you head to the bar to have a de-stressing G&T. You manage to sneak a couple of pornstar martini cans onto the plane in a military style operation, then your squad starts playing drinking games with the lads sat in the seats behind you (who start to look better and better as you drink more cans). After an angry looking air hostess confiscates the last of your drinks, you stumble off the plane with the heat hittin’ you, it’s holiday time!

The Navigation Situation


You’ve managed to navigate through the foreign airport and somehow make it through passport control all bleary eyed, but now you’re facing the next challenge, getting to your hotel! Walking around in circles and getting lost in the airport, you start srsly stressin’. V aware that you’re cutting into your getting ready time, you’re asking everyone in the airport where the F to go. After managing to flag a cab, squeezing your squad plus suitcases into it and asking the driver to put some tunes on, you realise that you have NO idea where your hotel is. You get dropped off on a kinda random looking street and luckily after a couple of roads you spot your home for the week, hallelujah!

Getting Ready


After checking in and throwing down your cases, it’s time to get ready for the first night of your hol (which is always the best!). After clocking that you’ve managed to bring 10 diff kinds of glitter, but forget the essentials like toothpaste and shower gel, you all club together and share the stuff that each of you actually remembered. Then the stress stage kicks in. Cue meltdowns over false lashes not sticking on properly, the air con not working and the fact that you hate all the outfits you spent ages planning. The cure to all your problems is a good ‘ol shot of tequila! After a couple of shots, the mood lifts and you’re feelin' like Beyonce and ready to hit the strip, wonky falsies and all.

First Night Out

night out

After a very merry taxi ride to the club signing to foreign songs on the radio, you arrive at the club for your first BNO. You head straight to the DJ to request ‘Gasolina’ and order in some suspicious coloured shots to get the night started. After the shots have worked their magic, you find yourself attempting some salsa moves with local lads and adding one too many videos to your Snap story of you singing into the camera (they’re getting deleted first thing tomorrow). You pour your heart out in the toilets to your gals about how much you love them and stumble out onto the street in search of chicken nugs and your bed.

Makin’ Friends

holiday friends

A couple of days into the holiday and you’ve managed to meet some decent guys by your hotel pool. They’re kinda funny and not constantly trying it on with you like all the other guys in your holiday desti (bonus). Your new super-squad links up for day parties, pre drinks and mad nights out. Going on a night out with them is too fab, they offer to get all the taxis and act as bodyguards for creepy men trying to have a dance with you. After creating a huge group chat and making plans to meet up back home in your hometown, you know these guys are gonna be friends for life.

All That Drama


Just as things were going so well, a huge argument breaks out amongst your girls. The excessive alcohol and lack of sleep have pushed everyone a lil too far and some home truths come out, not helped by the fact that two of your friends fancy the same lad from your new extended friendship group. A lot of shouting and slamming doors is eventually resolved by a group hug and ‘I’ll buy you a drink later to say sorry”. There’s nothin’ that sharing a sangria can’t fix!

Not Wanting To Leave

not leaving

Your hol is coming to a close and you can’t bear the thought of leaving your new hol home! You’re deffo gonna miss coming back to your room being magically cleaned by itself, having vodka for breakfast and having your best pals in the same room. Is it too late to cancel that flight and just stay here instead? You head to the local shop to get keyrings, lighters and just about any souvenir you can grab to keep the memories alive just a lil bit longer. You’re feelin’ totally sad as you pack your case up and end up lying down in it in a total hungover mess.

The Hol Blues

holiday blues

You’re back home and back to reality and the holiday blues have srsly kicked in. You’re feeling worse for wear with a sore head and lonely room, but hey, at least you’ve got a bangin’ tan. After ordering enough Dominos for a full family, you sulk in bed watching movies all day. Flicking through your holiday pics on your phone, you start lighting up the group chat and planning your next trip.

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