9 Stages Of Working From Home

Has the current climate got you working from home? Whether you’ve got an important conference call planned with your boss or is your partner, who is also working from home, getting on your last nerve? Don’t worry babe, you’re not the only one! We’re here to bring you 7 stages that everyone will feel and experience at some point when working from home.

Rolling Out Of Bed 5 Minutes Before Work Starts

8:55am… Work starts at 9 and you’re still in bed.

Finding The Perfect WFH Outfit

Trying to find something to wear for the day? Make sure to keep it comfy! If you’re staying in your pyjamas, rocking your fave loungewear set or keeping it cool in a pair of joggers, casual-wear is definitely the way forward. Are you lacking comfy clothes? Click here to shop our Loungewear collection.

Finding The Perfect Work Space

Whether you’re pitching up your home office on the dining room table, sitting on the sofa or somewhere in your bedroom, finding the comfiest, most productive and quietest area is key for a successful day of working from home.

Work Time

In the words of Rihanna, it’s time to work work work work work work. Now that you’ve found your perfect home office spot, it’s time to get stuck in!

Getting Distracted

You’ve been solidly working for about 2 hours but Is social media calling your name? Or is a family member playing their music super loud and you can’t help but be distracted? You tell yourself you’re having a quick 5 minute break and 1 hour later you’re sat on your phone scrolling through Instagram. How not to be productive, eh?

Feeling A Bit Snack-ish?

It’s 1pm. Drowned yourself in coffee and now it’s time for some food? Keep those energy levels high and break for lunch.

Back To Work

Now that you’ve eaten, it's time to put all of that energy into working. Keep it focused, babe!

A Skype Call With Your Co-Workers

Social distancing done right! It’s time for your skype meeting with all of your colleagues. Ignoring the distractions at your home may be hard, but everyone is in the same boat, remember!

6pm And You’re Done!

Another day in self isolation is ticked off, babe! Working from home isn't so bad is it? Time to relax, put your feet up and binge watch Netflix until you have to do it all over again tomorrow.

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