Self Care Ideas For Staying In

Staying in? We’ve got just the thing, gal, self care ideas that’ll have you glowin’ up in an instant! Quarantine and chill? By the time you next go out, you’re gonna be looking like a total goddess. With beauty salons, nail shops and hairdressers shut, it’s time to take your beauty into your own hands with a DIY self care kit. Ready to get clued up with all the self care ideas you need in your life during social isolation? We’ve got you, gorgeous.

Vitamin C Sheet Mask

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One of the first things that springs to mind when you think self care activities is, of course, the face mask! With all the nasties floating around in the atmosphere ATM, we recommend opting for a Vitamin C face mask to give your immunity levels a boost. This Vitamin C sheet mask is top of our self care ideas list, babe. Not only will it give your skin the moisture boost it so desperately needs (staying in isn’t gr8 for the skin), it’ll provide you with a funny Insta story too.

Tan Eraser Mitt

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Love being tanned, but hate the streaky tiger bread effect you’re left with as it starts to fade off? All this staying in equals free time, which equals time to FINALLY scrub that old tan off. Don’t be tempted to reach for the scouring pad, though, girl. We recommend going for a charcoal tan eraser mitt to make your self care activities as pain-free as poss. This is the perf self care idea for the tanning addict. Time to start fresh and reveal your true colours!

Glue On Nails

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Got major nail shop withdrawals? We feel ya, gal. If you’re missing your nail lady and not feeling your natural *shudder* nails, we recommend stocking up on glue on nails. We heart these stick on nails for an instant fix to your nail inspo cravings. When it comes to self care ideas, it doesn’t get more instant than this, simply stick on and slay! Whether you’re a classic french mani lover, a coffin nail obsessive, or all about extra AF longgg nails, glue on nails will give your talons their fix.

Tanning Mist

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With spray tan shops shut for business, your skin might be missin’ its weekly glow. Don’t stress, babe. You don’t have to face life feeling pale. Stock up on some tanning mist like this Dark St Moriz tanning mist to step out your bathroom looking like you’ve been to Barbados. Wear one layer for a subtle glow, or go to town and turn your bathroom into a spray tan tent for a deep tan that’ll get rid of your cancelled holiday blues.

White Nail Varnish

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Staying in self care ideas? Nailed it! Grab some nail polish and treat your tips and toes to some srsly good pampering. We are obsessing over white nail polish ATM, this trending shade is ideal for hands and toes. Simply start with a base coat, then sweep this white nail varnish over your nails and finish with a glossy topcoat. Your toes are gonna look srsly good in your stay-at-home sliders, babe. Prepare for the postman to be very impressed!

Get set to stay in and use these self care ideas to make it seem like a total breeze. Shop beauty now for more self care buys that you need to add-to-basket!

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