Autumn 2020 Makeup Trends

If the change in season has you wanting to experiment with different makeup looks, then autumn is deffo’ a good season to start with. Say goodbye to the less-is-more summer makeup trend and hello to autumnal makeup vibes, ‘cos it’s about to get bold and boujee in here, babe. The Autumn 2020 makeup trends are all about those vibrant colours, matte lipstick and soft highlights, so no matter what your makeup style you usually go for, we’ve got the one for you, girl.

Coloured Eyeliner

We are huge fans of a bold, winged eyeliner look, ‘cos who doesn’t love looking snatched AF? This season it’s all about shaking things up and we are loving this year’s autumn eye makeup trend - coloured eyeliner. Think a Euphoria inspired look, but with autumn makeup colours. We are all about the bright oranges, electric blues and zesty greens. Wanna add a lil’ more glam to your coloured eyeliner, autumn eye makeup look? We are obsessing over an eye jewel for that Maddy Perez inspired look. 

Matte Lipstick

In need of some autumn makeup ideas? Let the queen of matte lipstick, Kylie Jenner, be your inspo’. This autumn is alllll about soft autumn makeup colours when it comes to matte lipstick. We’re talking mocha, brown and nude tones. Best thing about matte lipstick in autumn? You can sip away on all the pumpkin spice lattes you want and it won’t smudge.

Dark Stained Lips

We are loving a natural and dewy foundation, teamed with a dark, stained lipstick look for those ultra autumn vibes. What better month to enter spooky szn than with a lil’ 90s grunge throwback? From Julia Roberts to Naomi Campbell and Winona Ryder, these total babes rocked this trend a few decades ago and it looks like it’s having a major comeback. Instagram makeup artists are going craaazy for the stained lipstick look lately, and we are totally here for it.

Orange Eyeshadow

If one colour was gonna rep autumn, it would deffo’ be orange. It’s the season to experiment with colour and it seems that orange eyeshadow is making waves across social media ATM. We are loving burnt orange and brown tones for a natural autumn makeup look. Make those eyes pop, babe! Add some faux freckles and get those brows laminated for a true autumn 2020 makeup look. You’re gonna look beaut!

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