AW 2020 Hair Trends

Fill your Insta feed with a fresh new seasonal style and look hot from head-to-toe with some of the latest hair trends just in time for AW - no beanie required. The AW transition is the *best* time to experiment with trending hairstyles, which is why we’re providing you with next level hair inspo to help get your winter look on lock. Whether it’s a twist on your go-to updo (we love a low pony), a nineties inspired deep side-parting or you’re just wanting to steal inspo from hair colour trends 2020, prepare to RSVP to colder weather with chunky knits and enviable locks when you show your hairdresser ‘that’ pic. Read on to find out some of the current hair trends that we predict you’re gonna love this season!

Deep Side-Part

Switch up your look in an instant (if you’re too scared to take the plunge) and give an illusion of a freshly altered haircut when you wear an extreme side part. This nineties inspired look is absolutely mega and is super easy to achieve. Simply grab a chunk of hair and fix across your forehead with a bobby pin or cute clip. As one of our fave trendy haircuts, this look is perfect for babes wanting to switch up their usual style in time for their next BNO.


If you’re a fan of the deep side part, then you’ll defo want in on the hair clips trend. Complete pretty much any updo or side part with trending barrettes and clips. Rock a low pony with side parting and get creative when you add some must-have chunky clips. From pearl grips to slogan/branded accessories, this is the ultimate casual creation that’ll take any outfit from 0 to 10000 in record time!

Organised-Messy Bun

Nothin’ says winter quite like a messy bun, right, girl? So when we were rounding up some of the most loved UK hairstyles, we couldn’t help but add this Megan Markle approved look to our list of 2020 hair trends. From rollin’ outta bed late, to bottomless brunch with the squad, a messy bun is a must for all those events when you just CBA with the curling tongue! Accessorize with diamante grips and pretty pearls to take this look from bed-to-bar.

Super Sleek

We’re all about the updos this season, boo, and a super sleek high pony is no different. If you’re already loving this look, why not add a trendy flick at the end? Best worn with a blazer co-ord to help you ooze all kinds of boss babe energy, or a jeans n’ nice top combo, we love this super sleek high pony for winter!

Beach Waves

There may not be any sun in sight, nor any numbers above 10 on the forecast, but you best know beachy waves and crimped hairstyles are set to be one of the popular hairstyles for 2020 AW. Recreate Molly Mae inspired tresses with long beachy waves that look insane with pretty much any ‘fit you’ve got going on.

Pastel Shades

Heat up your hairstyle with warm hues and tints perfect for the fall/winter transition. We love a rose pink or pastel orange colours to really embrace those cooler vibes. Show off your chosen colour by wearing your hair down in messy waves.

Blunt Bob

Take the plunge when you ditch the long hair and keep it short and sweet with a babein’ bob. If you’re used to lengthening your hair with extension, why not try sticking to your natural length for a change? Style your bob pin straight for an ultra #GIRLBOSS kinda vibe, or try some finger waves for a classy and timeless look that’s sure to score you a few likes on the ‘gram.

So what’s it gonna be, babe? Are you a lover of the hair clips trend, or are you ready for a brand new haircut? With tons of current hair trends welcoming AW20, you’ll defo wanna check out some of these hair accessories to complete you fire ‘do. 

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