The Best Sex Toys For Couples To Use

Lacking that flirty fun and passion in the bedroom? Well then you’re in for a treat, babe. We’ve already rounded up the best sex toys for you to use alone, now it’s time to add your partner into the mix, ‘cos you shouldn’t save all the fun to yourself, right? Whether you wanna reconnect with your bae or simply have some fun under the sheets, our collection of sex toys and accessories are designed to make you feel empowered and ecstatic together. Shop our Hypnotize collection for a night to remember.

Satin Blindfold 

Appease your senses and step into a world of seductive sensuality with our Black ‘Oooh’ & ‘Sssh’ Slogan Luxury Satin Blindfold. If that fire in the bedroom with your partner is dwindling and you seem to slip back into the same old habits and positions every night, then bring it back to basics and begin with some subtle but sexy touching with a satin blindfold. Light some candles and play some bedroom jamz to set the mood, and then take it in turns to caress and kiss one another’s bodies. Focus on erroneous zones and pressure points for guaranteed pleasure. Satin blindfolds are great sex toys for beginners, enabling you to take things at your own pace. Have fun, girl!

Tickler Crop Whip 

Ready to get your freak on? Slip into your alter ego or release your inner self in the bedroom with our Black Silicone Heart Feather Tickler Crop Whip for guaranteed fun. Tease and tickle all night long with this sex toy designed for couples, and get to know exactly what you and your partner like. Life is too short not to have multiple orgasms in one night, am I right, girl? Feel like a Goddess as your partner runs this feather crop whip across your skin, allowing your mind to escape into a world full of pleasure and joy. Tickler crop whip’s are perfect for foreplay and a fab way to get things heated up in the bedroom. Someone dial up the AC, ‘cos it just got hot AF in here!

Bullet Vibrator 

Get ready to bump n’ grind your way through the night with our Pink Ultra-Smooth 20 Modes Fun ‘n’ Flirty Bullet Vibrator, perfectly designed for both solo play and couples. If you and your partner wanna transcend your minds, bodies and souls into a whole new level of pleasure, then this bullet vibrator is the perf’ sex toy for couples. Complete with 20 different modes for you to try out together, you can find a rhythm that works best for you. Get those sweet vibrations and add a lil’ spice to your night time routine when you whip out this bullet vibrator. Communication isn’t just key when it comes to being intimate, it’s also very sexy, so remember to let your partner know what mode feels good for you and vice versa. It’s time to make some memories under the covers together with our bullet vibrator!

Couples Sex Toy Kit 

Feeling the temptation? Then go get it, babe. Own your pleasure and let your partner know exactly what you like and how you like it with our Red rocks Off Temptations Couples Sex Toy Kit. You won’t be disappointed, we promise. Complete with a vibrator, C ring and an anal stimulation plug, you’re about to have a whole lot of fun together. Why not plan a romantic date and end the night on a high with this couples sex toy kit? Or you can skip right to the good bit, boo. Enter into a state of orgasmic bliss together with our temptations couples sex toy kit.

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