Best jumpsuits for wedding guests; celebrities style

Best jumpsuits for wedding guests; celebrities style

Jumpsuits for weddings guests are usually considered as an unusual outfit to wear for a wedding. Many of us even look for unusual dresses for wedding guests but still resist jumpsuits. But why? Is it because they look like the baby rompers? Or maybe it's because they are less attractive than wedding guest dresses? No. Actually these pieces have nothing in common with those baby rompers and they are pretty sexy as though. The reason is because they're kinda new style which hasn't become popular yet (as much as dresses are) but a fascinating trend which is taking the old dresses' place for good. Now if you're planning to attend a good friend's wedding this summer, you'd better learn the most needed trends about special occasion jumpsuits UK for a total branch out in your old fashion taste, because it's 2018 girls!

Now imagine these wonderful pieces being worn by celebrities. You can imagine how trendy and stylish they are, right? So when learning about jumpsuits for wedding guests, why not using the fashionistas' and fashion idols' taste which are being seen on these celebrities? As you know, these celebrities are making a fashion trend from jumpsuits and so we will be learning from them.

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Kylie style

Look at this White open lace back jumpsuit. Who does it make you remember? Is it anyone other than Kylie Jenner? NO and because this is perfectly a typical Kylie style. It's both tight and lace! It's exactly the Kradashian-Jenner family type. And who wouldn't want to look like such an amazing girl like Kylie in a wedding? Especially where all wedding guest outfits are the casual party dresses. A white silver bracelet and a same coloured giant ring with wet hairstyle and a calm but sexy makeup will make a perfect wedding guest outfit out of your white open lace back jumpsuit.

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Kim the queen

Is it possible not to mention Kim Kardashian where talking about fashion and trend? Coco Channel had told once: "I don't do fashion, I am fashion". Now this is occurring about Kim. Kim doesn't do fashion. She is fashion. Although many people don't like her style, but we can't deny that she's a goddess in the world of trend and style. So what is a Kim style? Tight tight tight clothes, deep plunges, heavy décolleté, giant open backs and boobs showcases! In one word a black tie back jumpsuit. Maybe while choosing among the best jumpsuits for wedding guest UK you wouldn't even think about this piece. But you'd better consider it as a single piece in a perfect combination. It's simple and it gets even easier when you try to look like Kim:

Wear a pair of gold heavy high heels and catch them up with a GOLD SPIKE & CHAIN LUXE BLACK DETAIL CHOKER. Kim's usual straight hairstyle would be nice but if you want to look more different, I would recommend a tight ballerina bun over your head with a heavy makeup. By saying heavy I don't mean a diva look like Cher's! Because your black tie back jumpsuit looks simple but shines with the accessories, it's better to pop it up a bit more with a dark coloured lipstick and a brownish smokey and extra volume eyelash eye makeup.

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Ariana the Grande!

The Black striped tie waist jumpsuit is just like the jumpsuit Ariana had on in her concert. It’s a perfect example of jumpsuits for wedding guests UK, too. But unlike the previous styles, this wide leg jumpsuit is harder even if it doesn't look like a hard piece to combine. That's because it doesn't give you many options for styling it up and if you don't do it the exact right way it should be, it may turn into a fashion fiasco! The first and most important thing about this jumpsuit is making a ponytail like Ariana's above your head. A pair of Black Toe Ring Snake Mules and a very simple eye makeup with a sharp lipstick would make you look fabulous. So do it this way, or wear it if you want to wear some of those unusual dresses for wedding guests that have different styling. Wearing some red boots over this jumpsuit is one of those ways!

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Jessica Alba styling

When talking about fashion and style, Jessica's name is one of those names that barely come to one's mind. But hey, I actually love her style. The classy but sassy styling is always my favorite and I think that you'll also love it in case of knowing it well. Wedding guest dresses don't always have to be shiny, special, too brave, open, tight, colourful, and so on. A simple black slinky jumpsuit can make you look elegant in a flash. It's not always about what you wear but it also depends on how you wear it. You can add a bit of spice to your style by pairing bold accessories to the black slinky jumpsuit. For a body style like Jessica's, it's obviously the best choice to wear those floral jumpsuits or simple wide leg jumpsuits. On our recent post about jumpsuits for wedding guests we said how floral jumpsuits are in fashion these days. The outfit is very nice and simple but also not as simple as a skirt and top for wedding guest. Styled up with the best suitable accessories, it will look as gorgeous as a princess gown.

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Zuri Hall

Ok you're shocked now right? Because who would have ever thought about Zuri Hall as a fashionista?! But did you know that she has made some of the best fashion choices ever in the celebrities' life? And yeah she'd adorably lovely. What we've talked till now was mostly about the classic or casual styling of the celebrities. Styling up trouser suits for female wedding guests could possibly be a hard thing but styling a masculine piece as a feminine clothing is harder. But this time I'm going to show up with a new style of Zuri. The Black with White Stripe One Shoulder Frill Jumpsuit. Just do a search and see Zuri's wonderful black and white jumpsuit. Lucky you that you can have it here from the cheapest online clothing shopping UK and with a special offer of up to 70 percent off until tomorrow. So don't waste your time and catch the sales up for a big win and don't be left behind.

Now that you learned all about special occasion jumpsuits UK, would you still consider skirt and top for wedding guests trendy? I don’t think so.

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