Celeb styling bikini sets

Celeb styling bikini sets

Bikini sets are usually worn by our favorite celebrities in their best ways. So a perfect fashion can be inspired from our favorite celebs. Sometimes buying the same exact pieces that are used by celebrities can cost us an arm and a leg! But don't worry, we have the greatest solution for you. femmeluxefinery has the cheap bikinis UK that are perfectly just the same as your favorite stars'. But that's not all. Here in this article, I'm going to give you the greatest tips on celeb styling for the best results. So let's see what is going on in celebrities' world on summer 2018…

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Kim Kardashian

Kim is absolutely our number one fashionista but let's admit sometimes she makes wrong decisions about her fashion style. For example the vintage red, yellow and green wasn't really suitable for her. Although it was really awesome but Kim looked so much buffy in it like she was going pop out from the bikini any moment. But if we want to choose Kim's best bikini ever, I totally would say the purple floral triangle bikini she was wearing on a summer vacation in Mexico. And guess what! It's available on cheap ladies clothing UK, femmeluxefinery, only for 18.99! It may be unbelievable but it's true. So just go ahead and shop now for the greatest chance of your life.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall is the weakest family member in summer fashion! Her bikinis aren't actually perfect for her. She's one of those small busted girls who need padded bikinis or a push up bikini set. No padded bikini is available on her fashion resume but there are some weak push up ones. The best swimwear for Kendall is something like the black studded detail bikini. So if your body is similar to Kendall's, wear these kinds of bikinis. You can also check our complete guide about push up bikini sets to make sure you choose the best bikini sets UK.

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Demi Rose

Before talking about Kylie, it's better to look at her ex's new girlfriend Demi. But hey, is Tyga's new ladylove trying to impersonate his ex, Kylie? Have you seen her black harness bikini that is a sexier version of Kylie's? I can't say I liked what she did but let's admit that she really was a FOX in those pieces. I don't know how much she paid for those beauties, but whichever price she's paid for them, is absolutely way higher than ladies swimwear prices in our cheap women’s clothes online store. Believe it or not the cut out style bikini is only 18.99 in femmeluxe’s women’s swimsuit sale!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie looks awesome in any ladies swimwear she's worn till today. But there's this red swimsuit that was slaying on her that makes a giant gap between her style and her sister Kendall's. On our women's swimsuit sale you can have it for only and only 12.99 pounds!

Jennifer Lopez

J lo is one of those timeless fashionistas that always will be at the top. No matter what she does and no matter what she wears she's always on top 10. Her sequin bikini is one of my most most favorite women’s bikini sets. After showing up with her evil eye sequin bikini, Kylie showed the world that she's also a great J lo fan. For those of you who are J lo, Kylie and sequin bikini lovers like me, clothing online store Manchester, femmeluxe, has a surprise! The sequin ring halter neck swimwear is available for 28.99 in 2 amazing colours of pink and gold for the extra glam you were looking for. You wouldn't want to miss this amazing designer swimwear sale.

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Bella Hadid

As talking about fashion, who can forget the Hadid sisters? But as self-style, I prefer Bella! She's sizzling while stripping down to the crochet bikini on the beach. Crochet bikinis are so popular this season and no one could've ever slayed them like Bella. And for those Bella Hadid lovers that can't do without her style, I have a super happy news. Femmeluxe's Selena crochet bikinis are available only for 10.99. Don’t miss this designer swimwear sale and you can slay it like Bella but dozens of time cheaper than her.

Katy Perry

Katy has a different fashion taste that has both lovers and haters. You can't deny her beauty and sexiness in her colourful bikini sets high waisted, no matter in which group you are. Our Penny three piece swimwear set is the best option for you if you're in love with those kind of bikini sets high waisted. And guess what? It's only 31.99 on our bikini sets sale.

Taylor swift

Taylor is a strong stripes lover. This is awesome cause this summer's trend is stripes! From her black horizontal striped bikini to the patriotic blue and red vertical striped swimsuit, she rocks in everything she wears. If you want to wear "Taylor style" for this summer, you're so lucky. Because the best bikini sets UK that are striped are in femmeluxefinery. These cheap bikini sets start from 7.99 to 16.99 in our cheap women’s clothes online store for stripe lovers. Don't be left behind from this great bikini sale.

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Angelina Jolie

Angie's Lara Craft Bikini was one of the hottest bikinis of all times. The colour was perfectly suitable for her skin colour and the total styling was perfect. (Note: if you want to learn more about the best bikini colours for each skin type, read the article "perfect cheap bikinis UK for each skin tone") Now that amazing suit is available for 18.99 in the best bikini sale UK for you black lovers. This black basic crop top bikini set is one of the most wanted of bikinis UK.

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