Cyber Monday 2020 Survival Guide

Are you ready to enjoy the weekend full of Black Friday Cyber Monday deals? If you’re all stocked up on the earliest Black Friday sales and have your guide to Black Friday by your side (thanks, Femme Luxe), but are wondering WTF Cyber Monday is, we've got you. Bringing you the ultimate Cyber Monday 2020 survival guide, we’re providing you with everything you need to know about Cyber Monday. Answering all of your burning questions about one of the biggest events of the year - that we are totally here for BTW - and filling you in on some Cyber Monday tips to help you secure some thrifty Cyber Monday offers, you’re about to be one savvy shopper. Prepare to score some of the best Cyber Monday Deals UK with our guide to Cyber Monday 2020.

When is Cyber Monday?

So you thought you were just planning on slashing the price tags of your fave products on Black Friday? Ha, surprise, b*tch! Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend is one of THE most iconic duos that have become bigger and better each year - yep, you heard that right. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday, meaning that the 30th November happens to be this year's Cyber Monday date.

What is Cyber Monday?

But what is Cyber Monday? Well, the clue’s kinda in the name. Whilst Black Friday happens online and in store (usually, but there’s nothing ‘usual’ about this year), Cyber Monday takes place online only. Cyber MOnday gives a chance for companies to further drop their prices, so customers can enjoy major savings in the run up to Christmas.

Cyber Monday Tips & Tricks

Did you really think we’d let you dive head first into those deals without a few of our favorite tips? Wrong! When it comes to snapping up the best Cyber Monday deals, it’s important to bear in mind a few tips that could help you save the cash even more! Including when the best day to buy is and on which day you can secure the most savings, this Cyber Monday 2020 survival guide is going to help you get more bang for your buck!

1. Don’t Be Too Thrivelous On Black Friday

This means that you must anticipate there being bigger and better sales to come on Cyber Monday! Whilst you can expect to bag some mega deals on home appliances and tech on Black Friday, it’s actually likely for things such as beauty, Cyber Monday may boast better offers. So take care and be mindful when giving your money away!

2. Items May Not Be Much Cheaper On Black Friday

Why? Well, this year has been a little different - not that you needed reminding. Many big companies have started their Black Friday event early, suggesting that there may not be a much bigger reduction in some of their prices when it comes to the big day. That being said, we recommend keeping tabs on the items you want, particularly if they’re from larger companies, like Amazon.

3. Make a Note of the Original Prices

If you’ve got your eye on something in particular, then it could be worth making a note of the original prices to see just how much you’re saving. If companies have started their Black Friday Cyber Monday promotions earlier, it could be that they are waiting until Cyber Monday to drop their prices even lower.

4. Set a Budget

Sure, it’s super tempting to go all out when we’re faced with continuous emails encouraging you to shop ‘til you drop, especially right after pay day! However, it’s still so important to set a budget. With Christmas probably meaning another early pay (hurray), remember that that means an even longer January. You really don’t want to fall into a negative bank balance, so always spend responsibly!

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