Top Tips For A Stress Free Black Friday 2020

Forget the rush this year, girl, Black Friday is gonna be a HUGE virtual day, instead! With all the shops being shut due to Lockdown, it’s all about being online. So, say goodbye to the insane queues, midday madness and colossal chaos, because this Black Friday 2020, you’re gonna be shopping from the comfort of your own couch. Worried about how it’s all gonna go down on November 27th? Don’t worry, boo! We’ve rounded up our top tips for a stress free Black Friday this year.

Plan Ahead


The best tips we can give is, plan, plan, plan! Knowing exactly what you wanna buy this Black Friday 2020 saves you from getting sidetracked by that really really cute bag that you’ve seen, but that you really really don’t need. Plan ahead and write a list of all the exact presents that you want to buy your friends and fam (or anything that you’ve got your eye on) and a list of all the websites that they’re available on. By doing this, you’ve got everything exactly at your fingertips to ensure you get the very best Black Friday deals this year!

Stick To Your Budget



We’ve all been there, you’ve already spent £200 on gifts for literally everyone, but now this little bargain that you’ve seen is half off and would go perfectly with the present that you’ve just bought your mum. Close the tab, shut the laptop because your spending is over, girl! Setting a budget and sticking to it is one of the most important tips for a stress free Black Friday 2020 that we can give you. Make sure you don’t break the ban and keep your spending to only the items that you need to buy!

Get Your Timings Right



Tryna’ secure that new console for your BF or wanna’ get your hands on this season's hottest jacket for your bestie? Timing is key! Loads of companies release their best Black Friday deals between 8-9am and a second drop at 12pm. Forget hitting snooze on your alarm this Friday, because you’re gonna wanna make sure that you’ve had your morning coffee (maybe with an extra shot, just to make sure you’re awake) and got your laptop and phone in hand. Amazon have countdown timers on their items so you can see exactly when it’s going to go into their Black Friday sale, so don’t forget to set timers too!

Set Up Accounts In Advance


If you know that one of the products you’re gonna try and bag is a hot ticket item, chances are the ‘Check Out As A Guest’ option is only gonna’ slow you down. Think ahead and create accounts on any retailers, pre enter your payment info and get your delivery address saved to make sure that your checkout is as smooth as it can be! You’ll thank us later, babe!

Check Your Returns



Just in case you need to return any items that you secure this Black Friday 2020, be sure to check online just how long you’ve got to return an item. Some companies start their extended returns from October 31t until January 31st, which gives you enough time to return any gifts you’ve had second thoughts on or any that have turned up faulty or damaged.

Ready to take on November 27th with our top tips for a stress free Black Friday? Check out our latest Black Friday deals to save some serious dollar or head on over to our blog page to get the lowdown on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

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