Dating Diaries - Worst First Date Stories

So, tell us your worst first date story, girl?

We took one of the biggest dating questions to Instagram and you girls answered. It’s safe to say that we hope you didn’t give them a second date.

We all know the risk that comes with going on a first date and are prepared for the usual misdemeanours like not finding them attractive, they keep talking about their ex, they show up really late or order something weird AF from the menu, but there are some incidents that us gals simply can’t prepare ourselves for. For every amazing first date we have, unfortunately we equate probs' around six really bad first dates, but at least they make funny worst first date stories, eh?

The No Showers

Okay, it’s probably one of the worst things to happen on a first date, but then again does it even count as a first date if they pull off a no show? As embarrassing as it is, our Insta’ DM’s have confirmed that being stood up on a first date happens to the best of us, babe. One of our followers reminded us that one of the worst things to do on a first date is deffo' making up a rubbish excuse for cancelling, just be an adult and say you're not feeling it, right? 

I mean that's one way to get out of a first date. We have to give points for how extra they've went. 

If you are bummed about being stood up on a first date then you can take comfort in the fact that most of us gals have been a victim to the "the shower" at least once in our history of dating. Best way to get over it? call your bestie and make use of the dinner reservation and down some shots. 

When They Aren’t The Same As The Dating App

When it comes to dating, really bad first dates prove that love truly is a battlefield, but alas, we still try our luck at finding the one. You’ve matched on Tinder, their chat is great and they are gorgeous, what could possibly go wrong? One of the worst first date moments is deffo’ when the conversation on a dating app just isn’t the same in real life. Whether they talk with their mouth full of food, swear too much, are too quiet or even worse, you can't get a word in edgeways, there's no way of really knowing what someone is really like until you meet them in the flesh. Some of you babes gave us serious LOL's over some of your worst first date stories...



Worst First Date Ideas

We’ve all had pretty insufferable first date experiences that we didn’t realise would happen until we got there, but have you ever had a first date sound like a no-go from the very beginning? Welcome to the world of worst first date ideas, babe.

The Clinger & The Fuck Boy

Dating and shopping for your new fave’ pair of shoes is pretty similar, you might have to try on ten different pairs before you find the right fit, and you’ve got every right to keep on trying until you find that perfect pair. The same goes for a potential new bae. Things can get pretty tricky when you encounter a stage one clinger and a cute date night quickly turns into one of the worst first dates ever. On the other side of the table, you’ve got your stereotypical fuck boy, and when it comes to the stunts the pull on a first date, the list is endless.



If there's one thing we can take away from this, it's probs stay away from Costa on a first date. 



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