Mindful Mondays - Fitness Tips For Mental Wellness


Trying to keep a healthy mindset while we’re in lockdown AGAIN can be super tiring and exhausting. Whether you’re desperate to get back into the gym, trying some new home workouts or just looking for some tips on how to improve your emotional and mental well being through fitness, we’ve got you covered. If, like us, you’re in serious need of some fitness tips to ensure your mental wellbeing, we’ve got all the lowdown on all the tips and tricks to ensure you’re really squatting it like it’s hot, girl!

Get Your Move On


No matter what it is you’re doing, it’s so important to move! We know that being stuck on the couch all day while you’re working from home isn’t the best, but taking a brisk walk on your lunch break or opting for a home workout is an amaze way to beat the blues! Not only will it help open your mind and optimise your physical being, getting your body moving releases endorphins that help regulate your mood!

Get In Your Five A Day


Working out can be all well and good, but getting in your five a day can boost your immune system and make you feel healthier within yourself. Different types of fruit and veg contain different vitamins and minerals to help keep you feeling happy and healthy! Change up what five fruits and veg you eat a day to avoid getting stuck in a rut and feeling like you aren’t able to change up your routine. Our top tip? Eating 5 colour variations of fruit and veg will 1. Make your plate look so appetising and 2. The hue of the fruit and veg are an indication of the nutrients it contains!

Set Goals


Setting goals is so important when it comes to fitness and your mental wellbeing. The key is to make sure you don’t set goals that are too unrealistic in comparison to the fitness level that you’re capable of. So say you’ve just started to jog on your lunch break, let's be honest, you’re not gonna be able to run the length of a marathon the week after! If you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit, you can set daily Move, Stand & Exercise targets that will reward you if you complete them all in the day (and by reward we mean you’ll see a little animation of your rings closing) which is super encouraging when you’re having a demotivated day.

Meditate More


As well as physical fitness, taking time to meditate and focus on yourself is an amazing stress reliever and helps to realign yourself. Taking even 10 minutes out of your day to meditate is amazing in helping to promote positivity, emotional and mental wellbeing and is a great chance to take a step back from out of your day.

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